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how long does hummus last?

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I posted earlier that I made some hummus this morning. I don't expect that it will last long in the frig before it gets eaten, but I was wondering how long should it be kept before it goes bad? Does anybody know? I was just curious.
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I think 2 weeks at most, if it's in a tight container in the back part of the fridge (where it's coldest).
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that sounds about right.
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Cool, thanks. I was afraid it would be only something like 2 or three days. I don't think this stuff would ever last 2 weeks.
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When I buy a large tub of hummus it usualy only lasts a day or two.

....'cause its in my belly. yum.
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Originally Posted by troub View Post

When I buy a large tub of hummus it usualy only lasts a day or two.

....'cause its in my belly. yum.

hahah same here!!

I did make some hummus that got watery after a few days- could be the fact that i made it without tahini!
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Be really careful with hummus. The CDC (center for disease control) lists the combination of garlic and oil as one of the potential sources of botulism spores. Eating a few of these spores (as in eating fresh raw garlic) won't cause a problem; anybody over 1 year old has an acidic enough digestive system to deal with it. But if the spores grow, hummus and other garlic-laden foods can be dangerous. My mantra is "when it doubt, throw it out."
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Yeah, I'm one of those who only has hummus around for a day or two...

But actually, from experience (when I "lost" a container in the back of the fridge) I can say that unopened, sealed containers from the grocery (even the type with no preservatives) will last a good month or so UNOPENED. The expiration date was another week away when I found it tucked away behind the capers and pickled eggplant (?) and other things I'll never use - and it was still just fine.

I wouldn't recommend this for homemade, opened, unsealed hummus though.
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Hummus contains nothing that will go bad quickly. Garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, tahini can all be kept in the fridge for quite a long time. When you make Hummus, you make it 3 days in advance to allow the flavors to mingle. After that, you can store it for several weeks. The only tip I found was to drizzle some olive oil on top because it might keep it from drying out in the fridge. Hummus, from the Middle East was created long before refridgerators were invented. I'm even pretty sure you can keep some out without refrigeration for a while. People even eat fermented hummus-- that is probably the original way-- before refrigeration, many things were kept by fermenting.
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