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Using pectin in yogurt

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Does anyone know how to use pectin as a thickener in making homemade yogurt?
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Well, in terms of making dairy yogurt, Ive always added 1 teaspoon of pectin to 5 cups of yogurt and it's always gelled beautifully. It was just as thick as the commercial stuff. I simply added the pectin to the warm milk and stirred it in. But now that Im headed towards veganism, Im trying to figure out how to make soy yogurt. I tried making my first batch today and it was a complete failure. I used Pomonas Universal Pectin, and when I added it to the soy milk, it coagulated into clumps and would not dissolve no matter how much I mixed it. I had to toss the whole batch down the sink. My guess is that the low-methoxyl pectins are like cornstarch; they have to be dissolved in water first. I still have time tonight to try one more batch, so Im going to do the following: Im going to mix 1 ½ teaspoons of Pomonas in an ounce or two of boiling water, add it to a quart of soy milk, and add 1 cup of Wildwood as a starter. Ill let you know what happens.
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Dammitit still doesnt work! As soon as the water hit the pectin it turned into a sticky, gooey mess. Google is no helpI cant find anything anywhere on this. Im this close to just saying screw it and trying agar instead.
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OKI figured it out. First I warmed up the soy milk in the microwave. Then I poured half of it in the blender. Then I put 1 teaspoon (not 1 ½ like I said before) of pectin in the blender, mixed it for awhile, and added the rest of the soy milk. Then I added 1 cup of starter, mixed it a little more, and poured it into the yogurt maker. I havent tasted it yet, but this stuff is THICK. Even the foam on top of the soy milk solidified!
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