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Does Bambu coffee substitute stain teeth?

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I just bought a tin of Bambu coffee substitute and I'm very impressed with how coffee-like it actually is. This may be my salvation. I'm wondering if it would stain teeth like coffee does, as its colour is fairly dark once brewed.

Anybody have any experience with this stuff?
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It does not stain. And it's very good for you!!
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Ahh, good to hear!

Thank you.
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Wow. Sounds like a great substitute...

I have had a hard time finding one that I think is "coffee-like" enough for me... (but I'm from Seattle and admittedly a hard-core 'gourmet' coffee snob so maybe there's no hope...).

Where is it sold in the US?
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It sounds like something I'd like since I can't drink much coffee (bad reaction- much to my dismay!!) I'd also like to know where it's sold.
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I think I will pass until civets start pooping it out.
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i've never heard of coffee substitutes--what are they? get them at hfs?
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Hope no one minds me digging up this old thread!

I'm wondering if this stuff is gluten free? the label does say it contains wheat and barley, but i have read on the teeccino site (another coffee substitute) that the gluten doesn't get into the drink somehow?

i've been googling to find the answer, but it doesn't seem to be out there. that's actually how i found this old thread.

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I'm not sure about bambu, but i've tried inka coffee substitute and it definitely doesn't stain your teeth. They might be pretty similar. I'm not sure if it's gluten free, because it says it does include barley. I think that has gluten in it?

I have read reviews of one made out of roasted dandelions or something like that, it sounds really interesting. Has anyone here tried that one?

Actually to be honest, I'm a huge coffee fan, and nothing has really met my standards as a substitute - i know the caffeine's bad for me but what can you do? So right now I've got my french roast every morn
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