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For once a I have succeeded in making a plant grow. Only my Feverfew has grown incredibly. It is more like a bush now.

I don't really know if I'm meant to trim it back, prune it etc and a certain time or just lop bits off as I feel free.

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Not sure, but I've been pruning my Rosemary (bush) every early spring for a few years now. Hasn't hurt it any. I prune it so it looks nicer - it has a tendancy to go all over the place
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Is it flowering yet? I've started cutting the flowers off when the blooms begin to fade because I now have feverfew coming up all over my yard and garden! I don't know if it reseeded itself that far and wide or if it got spread from the compost heap. I haven't really used the feverfew, except to enjoy the little yellow flowers. Do you use it for anything?
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Ta people!

I believe it has flowered - it is actually in my parents garden.

I tend to use it for migraines, and well, it looks pretty!
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I take feverfew capsules for migraines. How can you use the actual plant? Tea?
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