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Shaklee Products!

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I posted this on Healthy Living too.

I started a website for Shaklee products because they are such great products and I just wanted to share the website for those who are searching for really good animal and environment friendly products. They are completly natural, biodegradable (sp?) they give back to the earth what was taken away. Excellent products!

Shaklee offers pretty much everything your looking for as far as face care, home care and weight management go, along with much more.

Here's the site: www.shaklee.net/healthandvitality

Check it out!

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shaklee products are good, but they arent all vegan/vegetarian

some of their vitamins are vegan though

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Just curious which products are you refering to because I was informed that they all were ??
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some of their vitamins contain gelatin and bee products

i believe some of their cosmetics and shampoos arent vegan either

my sister works for a shaklee company

so ive used all the products

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I tried to find it, but I couldn't. A few years ago, I believe that Consumer Reports did a test on vitamins. I was a subscriber at that time.

I remember that Shaklee got a very, very bad rating. They didn't do well in the tests (I can't remember whether it was in absorbtion, or whether it was in consistency of amounts or both). They were also one of the most expensive brands tested.

Their expense plus their failure of some of the tests gave them a "poor" rating. I remember this distinctly because a friend of mine was selling Shaklee. That report plus the fact that I can't stand multi-level marketing, convinced me to pass on their products.

I'm not willing to get into a debate about this. I have nothing personally against Shaklee, and I know that there are a lot of people who like their products. I'm just passing on a tidbit that I remember about them.
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But they are vegetarian which is a plus!

I personally love the products. The cleansers are excellent, like nothing I've ever used before, they are so strong.

Equipro, It could be true, although I've heard great reviews on the vitamins .

I'd be curious to see a link before I believe anything.

*edited to correct spelling*
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yea, that's bugging me, too. I know that my memory hasn't failed me on this, but I can't find it. I'll dig a little more when I have the chance.
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