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"Silk" soymilk gets a yuck

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I took the first tentative steps to get the household off milk today, I bought some "Silk" brand soymilk to put in our coffee. My husband gave it a big "yuk" - said it tastes like hay smells.

Any suggestions on what to put in coffee that is healthy and non-animal-based?

We don't drink milk plain, we only put it in coffee and tea, and cook with it.
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Try the silk creamer..it's rich and nice! My carnivore Brother in law uses it. Soymilk makes coffee taste funny
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I'm just the opposite-- I love regualr Silk soymilk, but I didnt; like the creamer-- thought it had a weird chemical taste. I think it was Silk Hazelnut that I tried.
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Try rice milk. I tried it for the first time last week (Rice Dream vanilla flavor), and thought it tasted more like cow's milk than soymilk does.
*this space not for sale*
*this space not for sale*
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I am currently loving Almond Breeze in my coffee. It seems thicker than regular soy milk, which I like.
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Thank you for these suggestions. Next time I go to the store I'll see if they have these other brands.
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I LOVE silk soymilk in cereal and for cooking but I HATE it in coffee. I think it is Sooooooooooooooo gross. I switched to drinking black coffee.
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I love chocolate soymilk, yum...

I never just drink a glass of regular soymilk though.

Instead of milk, try their creamer.
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Originally Posted by Ludi View Post

Thank you for these suggestions. Next time I go to the store I'll see if they have these other brands.

Have you and your husband tried drinking it regular without coffee or mixed?
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Was it original or very vanilla?

Amy mentioned rice milk..... there are male omnis at my job that love Rice Dream. - swear by it.
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I use the silk creamer. I don't love it, but I would rather have it in my coffee than having it black. I wish we could get the hazelnut and vanilla flavours here, but silk doesn't sell those in Canada. I have tried those and find them very yum.

I use Rice Dream on my cereal. Not sure how well it would go in coffee.
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Almond Breeze is probably my favorite. I only have it on cereal though.

Something tells me your husband is going to say "yuck" to just about anything.
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Follow me on Twitter - @_jorts
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i like almond breeze a lot too, it's very creamy.

what kind of cows' milk are you used to? rice milk is a bit thinner and more like skim milk where soymilk and almond milk (and oat milk or hazelnut milk) are a bit thicker/creamier. i like them all, but different people prefer different things. you can always shop around and keep trying until you find one you like.
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We tried the "Plain" kind of Silk, I had it in my coffee (icky), he tried it both with coffee and by itself.

We usually use whole organic cow's milk; he prefers milk from Jersey cows - he can actually tell the difference between Holstein and Jersey!
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My boyfriend loves the silk light vanilla, but won't drink regular soymilk. I would just try different brands until you find one you like with coffee. If they start to curdle try heating them a bit before you add the coffee (some brands can turn chunky in coffee, I'm betting your husband wouldn't like that!)
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When I stopped drinking milk I started drinking coffee black. It was a little weird at first but now I love it! I can't imagine putting stuff in my coffee now.
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My hubby didn't like the soy milk either in his coffee or cereal - so we use rice milk for that. I cook with both.

My kids LOVE chocolate almond milk - YUM!

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Silk is my fave - one of the few soy milks I can easily drink a glass of. I don't drink coffee and haven't tried the creamer though.
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Originally Posted by oriecat View Post

I am currently loving Almond Breeze in my coffee. It seems thicker than regular soy milk, which I like.

MMM the chocolate kind to make mocha coffee
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Have you tried the no fat or really low fat (1%) soy milk?

It doesn't curdle in coffee unlike the full fat soy. It's the only soy milk I like.
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I love the plain, unsweetened silk soymilk.
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I first tried soymilk earlier this year. The grocery had it on sale and I had an in-store coupon for $1-something off. I think I paid less than a dollar for it. I didn't like it, as I had the plain. I ended up mixing it with regular milk.

I completely switched to soy a couple of weeks ago. After trying Trader Joe's quart vanilla (YUM), I started buying Silk because the quarts, unrefrigerated on the shelf, were "only" $1.69. I liked it. After the second quart, it occured to me that maybe I wasn't getting the best price. The next time I went to the grocery store, I divided the servings of the quarts by the price and the servings of the Naturally Preferred Soymilk by the $2.69 price. The half gallon turned out to be cheaper per serving by a dime. I actually like the Naturally Preferred taste better. It's got a nice, sweet vanilla taste to it, that would be good with smoothies or milk shakes. (Okay. I'm still eating ice cream.) I told my husbnad he would like it, but I don't thin he's tried it.

In my fridge now I have a half gallon of 8th Contenent Soymilk, vanilla, light. It was on sale for $2.69 (reg. $2.99) and I had a $.35 coupon that doubled to $.70. So for $2, it's worth it. Unless I have a coupon for 8th Contenent (they're in the Sunday paper regularly), I'll continue to by Naturally Preferred, unless somethingat Trader Joe's is cheaper.

Sorry for the rambling.

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I heard that 8th continent has some sort of cow milk product in it somewhere here on the boards? Does anyone know?
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EW! YUCK!! Scratch that last paragraph! I just read the thread on 8th Contenent [I]not[I] being veg*n. I actually thought of that old thread when I bought my half gallon, but I was more interested in saving $.69

Yuck. I guess I have a letter to write when I get home from my granparents'. (Or at least type; I can take some notebook paper and write it and just type it when I get home.)

Geesh. If it's from General Mills they could at least have a Box Top on it. (I save them and the Campbell's labels. Somday, I'm going to donate them to a school.)

What about Wal-Mart? They have soymilk, but I didn't notice anything on it about being organic and I don't remember seeing anything about it not being, genetically modified, or being so. Ugh.

Okay. I have my brands of soymilk now at least.
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If your soymilk is curdling, try putting it in the cup before you pour the coffee.
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I agree Soy milk just tastes bad.
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Soy milk in coffee is yucky it curdles sometimes. I buy the Silk Creamer that is made for coffee and it is very good. My husband who is not vegan likes it as well. We use the silk creamer with earths balance margarine to make vegan mashed potatoes too and they taste great.
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I'm with munchymkr: the Silk creamer is awesome - GIVE IT A TRY!

And yes - plain soymilk tastes nasty in coffee. PLAIN Silk creamer... the flavored ones have a weird chemical aftertaste as someone mentioned...

And it's great in soups and gravys and mashed potatoes too. I make cream gravy for my dad and he can't tell there's no milk in it.
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Hunh. Odd. I like my hazelnut Silk Creamer. A lot. Only other way to drink coffee with a soy beverage is to steam it, a la Starbucks and the other coffee joints that offer soy as an alternative to milk. Otherwise, might as well start learning to drink it black (*shudders*).
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Originally Posted by Michael View Post

Something tells me your husband is going to say "yuck" to just about anything.

Humph! Don't know why you get that impression. He liked the fake sausage...

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