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sickness after eating meat?

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hey everyone!

i've heard about this before, but never really figured out if it was true or not.

after being a vegetarian or vegan, if you accidently have meat.. or just decide to eat meat again, it can make you feel really sick the first time you eat it from not having it for so long. is that true? if so, has it happened to any of you.. and how long were you a vegetarian/vegan for the meat to make you feel sick?

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I'm not a vegetarian yet, but I usually feel sick after eating any but the tiniest quantity of beef - I don't think I can digest it because I eat it so rarely (now almost never). So if I have this problem when I still very occasionally eat meat, I can imagine it would cause problems for people who never intentionally eat it.
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Yes, it certainly can be true. It happened to me back when I'd stray occasionally.

At least one cause is gut flora. The relative abundances of various germs in your gut vary according to what they have to digest. Ones that like animal products decline to a more natural level when you stop subjecting your body to them. Then, if you eat cow suddenly again, you don't have the population of bacteria to deal with the stuff. If you keep eating animals, they'll grow accordingly in a few days.
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it happened once to me and twice to my roommate. She ate a sub at subway and they put the meatball sauce on her pizza (she was lacto-ovo at the time) without the meatballs, but it still had the meatball juices and crap in it. she vomited for 2 days straight. She had been veg for 8 years, but at that point in time occasionally would have soup or something with chicken broth in it, just no chicken.

I was veg for a year and a half, vegan over a year, and I had veggies cooked in beef broth. i spewed once or twice an hour for about 6 hours and was sick for about 3 days, really nauseated, fever, etc. but then i got over it. why, do you think this might have happened to you? or are you just curious?

i think people who do react, react to beef or beef broth. it is very hard for your system to digest. hope this helped!
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i think it might've happened to me.. but i've only been vegetarian for 2 months now. last night my friends ordered pizza, but there was pepperoni on it, so i picked all of it off and gave it to them to eat. afterwards i had a really bad stomach ache all night, and i was thinking i might've eaten a small piece of pepperoni that i didn't see on the pizza. but i wasn't sure if it was possible to make me feel sick, since i haven't been a vegetarian for all that long.
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Just my 2 cents...and my opinion..but picking off the pepperoni doesnt get rid of all the "meat". Your pizza was loaded with animal fat that melted off the pepperoni.
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Accidentally eating meat makes me feel like I'm trying to digest a brick. Nasty. Getting slipped with something that had meat grease in it makes me feel even ickier (have you ever belched up meat grease for hours afterward? Not fun).

louweezers - you were probably reacting to the meat grease left behind by the pepparoni. It's happened to me, too and yes, it is quite miserable (sour stomach with a greasy aftertaste all night long.... ).
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i hadnt eaten meat for years..probably 3 or 4. then i was at a party, and had a ham sandwhich.. i felt so guilty. but i was really drunk and didnt realise. i just ate it because it was a sandwhich. later on, i was ill..but i suspect that had more to do with vodka than ham *embarassed*
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Hey Lou,

Yes, I posted a similar question a few days ago - and boy did I get sick!

Basically, I had stopped eating meat cause I was "lovin' up the veggies" so much. After a few weeks, I had some corned beef (what exactly IS corned beef anyway?)

Threw up hardcore.


Since then,which was last Friday (Nov 11th) I decided to become a vegetarian (and I'm loving it! - thanks for all the support from you guys/gals on here!)
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wait a minute.... you guys are saying you get like sick after eating meat?

how come you get sick off it?

::really confused::
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Some people get fed meat by mistake. Someone will lie to them and say "This doesn't have meat/eggs/cheese" in it but it really does. I've heard that some hardcore longtime strict vegetarian in my town was hospitalized for this.
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I read in "You: The Owner's Manual"


"Vegetarians who havent eaten meat in a long time dont like it if they try it again. Thats because they dont secrete the right mix of enzymes from the salivary glands to the stomach's digestive enzymes and small intestine to optimally ingest meat. That triggers a reaction when you do eat it: it feels heavy, you dont digest it as well, so you dont feel good and you dont enjoy it."

hee hee.. I used the word factoid.
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Originally Posted by flyngtigr View Post

After a few weeks, I had some corned beef (what exactly IS corned beef anyway?)

Cattle meat that has been soaked in salt water and spices for several weeks.
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There is something to it for many people. It has less to do with meat and more to do with eating different then you're used to.
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First off, my mom's boyfriend was raised vegetarian from the age of four on up. When he moved out of the orphanage (it was a 7th day advonist ran orphanage, aperantly), he decided to convert to being an omni, because he wanted to be able to just go anywhere and eat anything. He said that at first he felt sick and hated the tast of meat. Eventually, he got use to it, but he said that it took a long time. However, he was veg for at least 15 years. (and he's so wonderful to me! He's making a seperate dish of vegan stuffing for me to eat at thanksgiving!)

I don't know if it would have affected you after two months or not. If you had been super careful (unlike me) after going veg, and havn't "messed up" untill now, then perhaps it had affected you.

And, btw, next time, get your friends to order a pizza w/out peperoni. They often hide peperoni under the cheece. Also, check with the water about gelatin in the cheece, and don't eat at Pizza Hut, because they put meat in their sauce.
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Hey guys, does anyone know the legal position on this? Say you go to a resturant and they say that a dish or item does not contain meat when it does and you become ill from it?
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I think that would be something you'd have to consult an attorney about since laws vary so greatly from state to state and country to country.
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I would imagine you would. If your body is not use to taking in that stuff it would make you sick.
^Cool story, bro
^Cool story, bro
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Originally Posted by Shift View Post

Hey guys, does anyone know the legal position on this? Say you go to a resturant and they say that a dish or item does not contain meat when it does and you become ill from it?

You could probably bend them over backwards (at least in the US), whatever the law. If you specifically asked, and if they assured you there was no meat, a decent attorney could build a great case around that.

To the topic: the flora changes enough to make a whole lot of difference in how your system handles it. When I first went veg*n, I had a small amount of meat a few months later and felt horrific; honestly it was a worse sensation than full-blown food poisoning.
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i have been vegetarian for 10 years now, the other night i had a vege lasange which happened to have a few peices of mince in it, after i finished i ran straight to the toliet and it all came out. whenever i accidenlty eat meat or anything which has had meat on it it makes me dry reach and vomit with fever. i think its our systems not being used to it.
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It happened to me the one time I "slipped" and ate a darned cocktail weenie wrapped in bacon. Talk about greeeezy. But I was only sick feeling until it was out of my system, which really wasn't long.
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Originally Posted by JessEpiphany View Post

It happened to me the one time I "slipped" and ate a darned cocktail weenie wrapped in bacon.

If I were going to slip I think it would be for exactly that.
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I have never slipped intentionally....a few years ago I was at a Wrestlemania Party and ate some doritos with beef tallow in them and it affected me/my stomach sooo much....I ran to the bathroom and ed...awful!!
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I've been veggie for 16 years and I get sick pretty often from meat tainted food. For example my father in law made burgers on the grill and didn't cook mine first and used the same utensils and then piled my veggie burger on the same plate with the meat burgers. He had NO idea this was a bad thing and I didn't know he did it until AFTER I was soooo sick in the bathroom. It also happens to me in restaurants. Its not fun at all...but very real.
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That's one reason I've never strived to completely eliminate all traces of egg and milk from my diet. I don't want to be on vacation one day and be told the food is free of that and then spend the rest of my vacation in the bathroom. I want to retain the ability to digest it.
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Originally Posted by Shift View Post

Hey guys, does anyone know the legal position on this? Say you go to a resturant and they say that a dish or item does not contain meat when it does and you become ill from it?

This actually happened at the restaurant where I work. Nothing ever actually happened, but a lawyer actually did end up contacting the franchise about it, so I know it's at least a serious enough ordeal for that to happen.
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Just looking at it makes me sick! anyone else?
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OMG this happens to my dad all the time! He's buddhist vegetarian (no strong smelling plants like onion, garlic, curry, chives) and gets crazy sick if he eats even food cooked in pots that have been used to prepare meat. He hasn't eaten meat in years and can smell it on people if the ate non-veg food within the last 24 hours.

I get nauseated by the smell of cooking meat, but I've never gotten sick...
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I've never been sick from slipping...except that the smell of red meat cooking makes me nauseasous. But that started several years ago when I was pregnant and still an omnivore. Go fig.
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hi, yeh this just happened to me.  my acupuncturist told me i needed a little red meat & i ate one tiny burger slider off a friends plate.  i have been sick for 2 days.  i prefer to eat vegan but have not been strict, occasionally having a piece of my husband's steak.  that never bothered me, i think it's the fat in the burger that did it.  it had cheese.  i just went for it, & i am sorry now.  this distresses me because i dont want to be sick if i occasionally have a little meat.  

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