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Anyone know where I can order the tofutti products? Their website isn't working and there isn't any place locally.
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their website is working now
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Is there a natural food store where you live? Even if they don't have a product, they are often willing to order it so long as you agree to buy a fair amount. The problem with ordering most Tofutti products through the mail is that they must be kept refrigerated or frozen. Shipping costs are awful. Going through a local store cuts out the shipping and supports your community. Also, if you agree to buy a whole box of any certain products, they are likely to give you a discount.
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Some health food stores carry their products, but others don't. Most all of their products contain hydrogenated oils. I think that they're working on them so that in the future they won't, but I've only heard that second-hand.

Most large grocery chains carry the ice cream, sour supreme, and better than cream cheese.
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I love the Tofutti cheese slices. I went all the way to Wild Oats yesterday after work in search of them, and they had sold out of all the flavors they carry. The stock boy said that the Tofutti is much more popular than Veganrella, which is the only other vegan cheese that they carry at that location.

The supermarket carries Tofutti cream cheese and sour cream, as well as the ice cream products, but no cheese slices. I might ask the manager of the natural foods aisle to stock them.

Perhaps you could order a box of it? I don't know how well it would freeze, though.
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