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Does All Pasta Have Egg?

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Being a new vegan, I just realized pasta often has egg in it. Is this true only for certain brands, types?
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It's actually fairly uncommon in my experience. Egg noodles obviously have egg in them, but nearly any other pasta you buy off the shelf in the grocery store should be made simply out of grain.
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Like epski, I have found that most pasta at the supermarket is vegan...just double check the label to be sure. Unfortunately, it's been my experience that ordering pasta out at restaurants can be a problem. Around here, a lot of Italian restaurants make their own fresh pasta, which normally always has egg in it. I don't understand this, since I would think it would be cheaper and easier for them to buy the boxed stuff already made. Before I was vegan, I couldn't tell the difference between fresh & boxed pasta.....it's what sauce, veggie, or whatever else you put on it that gives it most of the flavor anyway, in my opinion.
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Ah, I didn't take restaurants into consideration. Good point. The difference between fresh and boxed pasta has always been noticeable to me. Why go out to a restaurant to have pasta you can eat at home? Sure, sauce is important, but if the pasta isn't perfectly made and cooked...

But, then, no one I know likes their pasta al dente.

I haven't thought about egg in restaurant pasta since becoming vegan. Something new to drive my waiters nuts.
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Originally posted by epski

Why go out to a restaurant to have pasta you can eat at home?

I agree....if for no other reason than it's so much cheaper to have it at home. A box of pasta is a buck or less.....and a jar of sauce (I'm too lazy to make homemade sauce) on sale is about $1.50. So the thought of paying $10 or more for the same thing at a restaurant doesn't appeal to me....unless of course it's the only thing I can have on the menu.
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I love my pasta al dente!
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I like mine al dente, too!
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I've heard that fresh pasta will have egg in it while dried will not. I'm not sure if that's true or not, but so far, all the dried pasta packages that I have don't have a listing for egg.
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I am sure that fresh pasta has/have (??) egg and store-bought dry stuff are vegan. I saw that on FoodTV (confess.....)
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Depends on the pasta .... rottini and other similar ones (penne, or these awesome telephone cord like springs I get) I like al dente but spaghetti and fettucine I generally cook all the way (can you have those al dente anyway ?? ... they have to bend after-all )

I make fettucine and spaghetti myself (without eggs of course) and it is quite different than the store bought

I just made ravioli for the first time and it was awesome (none broke either )
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heh...anyone beside me like overly cooked pasta? I like mine very very very cooked, if not mushy
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I can't stand pasta that isn't al dente.
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I like my pasta really al dente .......I eat it straight from the box LOL
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Thanks for your responses, everyone - I'm feeling very networked. When I got home I checked my pasta boxes and found none contained egg. But thanks to you all, I'll pay attention at restaurants for now on. I love it when I get an answer to a question that I didn't even know I wanted to know. I'll call this moment of epiphany "pastasynergy." And last night I tried a pasta mix that was filling and had real texture - with half regular spaghetti noodles & half whole weat noodles - and pesto with toasted pine nuts. Veganecstacy!
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