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Oat milk.

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I tried it for the first time yesterday. I put it on cereal. Yum! Anyone else like oat milk?
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I wanted to try it, but haven't so far. Can you tell me how it tastes? What brand did you buy? Does it taste like almond milk(I don't like almond milk)? Does it taste like soy milk?
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I use it all the time - I think soya and rice milk are disgusting, but I love oat milk! I like almond milk too, but it has a strong flavour of its own and oat doesn't. I think it tastes kind of creamy - it's fantastic for custard too.
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Yes I LOVE OatMilk...It rocks!!!

.....Its rather better than soya milk I think for some uses/in some ways!! Being oats (Or "OATLY" in the case of this brand) its consistency is thicker than your average drink but not "very gloopy thick" ~ "only a tad gloopy" and just very wholesome!! Whilst mine is from a UK supermarket, the website is www.oatly.com and is made & imported from Sweden no less!!!

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I haven't tried Almond milk YET,,, but... Would love to try that too!
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Hmm, maybe I should try it out! Any other brand favorites? Shannon
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I haven't tried oat milk yet, but I would love to try and make it! Has anyone tried making their own oat milk? Would I blend raw oats with water & strain through cheesecloth, (similar to making almond milk) or would I use cooked oats? Thanks.
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The brand I got is called Pacific Organic Oat. It's creamy and slightly sweeter than soy milk.
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Has anyone tried Pure Harvest Oat Milk? I've only just found it but I'm too suss to buy it - I hate soy milk so itf its anything like that I'm out. But if it tastes ok i'm going all the way - vegan that is - esp now that I've found yummy vegan chocolate.
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Oat milk is my very favorite. No it doesn't taste like almond, which is a lot sweeter) or soy (which is more chalky tasting and thinner). It is thicker, not too thick, a little sweet and yummy!
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YES YES....i have it every morning with my Peace cereal and a banana. its the best
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I *love* oatmilk. I don't buy it so often 'cause it's not as available as soymilk, and over here the only vegan one I can find is unfortified. But it's the only 'milk' I enjoy drinking straight
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WOW! Old thread! But interesting.

I have heard oat milk is very mild and bland but haven't tried it.

I think I would like it a lot because I don't care for the "flavors" you get with almond, soy, hemp and other milks... and rice milk is perfectly flavored, but too watery...
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Oatly is fantastic. It's the best-tasting milk in the universe.

(Some of the varieties are not vegan though, as they're fortified with vit. D3, just saying.)

I no longer post here after the 2012 schism and exodus. (See my profile.) 


I no longer post here after the 2012 schism and exodus. (See my profile.) 

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I love oatly. Oatly oat cream is the best thing ever to make a hot chocolate with. It's very expensive though so I only have it on special occasions!
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