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Schneider's Oh Naturel line.

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My grandmother recently cooked up some of the Oh Naturel 'Meatless Breaded Chick'n Nuggets' for me. If my senses remember correctly they taste exactly like real chicken nuggets. So much so that it's scary, I don't know what I'm eating. I cut one open and looked inside and it looked like chicken. I couldn't eat anymore at that point.

Has anyone else tried these? Any thoughts?

It bothers me in the first place that a company that is known for their meat products makes meatless products, and I certainly won't be buying them. The ingredients list obviously says its textured soy protein, but I find it very odd that no other company has been able to make something so accurate -- or maybe I'm just paranoid.
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Yes there has been discussion around this before too. Some people can't handle the similarities while others can't live w/ out it. Just a matter of preference.
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I thought they tasted real when I first had them. Real chicken nuggets are not as soft and chewy as these and real chicken nuggets I find have a stronger taste, when I used to eat them. But I find this stuff tastes better than the real thing.

I've tried other fake chicken products, and didn't care for any of them. Schneiders is the only stuff that I actually enjoy and that I haven't gagged on or smothered in ketchup to hide the flavour.

Their Oh Naturale products are produced in a meat free facility.
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That doesn't sound so bad then. I'm actually a bit surprised they are produced in their own facility, but it does give the company a lot more credibility.

*googles around some more*
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I really like their products. Honestly, I haven't found one yet that we didn't enjoy.
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I'm bumping this one because I found some "Beef Tips" at our local overwaitea... I didn't buy any though, thought I would see what the opinion of the vb crew was first. They scare me because although all of the other "fake" products are found with the produce, these are found next to the bacon/deli meat/etc. (Because they are made by schneider's? Maybe somebody didn't bother reading the label while stocking shelves?) The fact that they are made in their own facility is encouraging... I guess. I was wondering if anybody else had found them in the 'wrong area' of the store?
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I've had the beef tips and I thought they were vile. A peek at the ingredients revealed they're essentially TVP chunks reconstituted in a flavoured liquid. I don't like their flavoured liquid, so I prefer to just reconstitute my own TVP chunks.

Interesting to know that the chicken nuggets are good, though.
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I rather like their beef tips, though they're not my absolute favourite (I like lightlife a bit better). Their veggie burgers are some of my very favourites. They tend to put them in the meat section because they're a product that's not being marketed primarily to vegetarians, but to omnis attempting to eat healthier. They're perfectly safe though, and if you like things that taste like meat, you'll probably like them.
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Their veggie dogs are the only brand of veggie dog that I can tolerate. The texture and taste are really close to the 'real' thing although the outside 'skin' is a bit plasticky. I don't usually buy fake meats, but these were perfect for camping!
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I love their chicken stuff. Their beef is okay, but not as good. I had the same reaction to the chicken nuggets -- my mom served them and after one bite I refused to eat any more until I read the package.

My local store carries them in the frozen meat section too.

I wrote Schneider's recently to see if there's a chance we'll get some vegan Oh Naturel! products; they're passing on my message, so we'll see.
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Well, I bought some. Made what I used to eat for breakfast every saturday: homemade hashbrowns, sunny-side eggs and diced "Beef." I thought they were good! Not amazing... they could've used some bbq sauce. Texture was nice... although I'm glad I'd made them myself and not let my dad do it [If I cook meat subs myself I generally don't get grossed out... oddly.] I also bought some 'chicken' cheese broccoli things which I'll eat next time I feel like something meat-like.
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I had their chicken patties tonight. I like them. The similarity to meat bothered me at first, but now I just think of it as a good source of protein.
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I first had some ethical concerns about buying these products.. but then I figured it may be a good idea to support this sort of thing, to encourage other companies to do the same. If they can make a meatless product that omnis will eat instead of meat, I say it's great. But maybe I'm just trying to justify it

The chicken nuggets, with their egg white powder, are part of the reason I'm not a vegan yet I splurge on them from time to time. The first time I had them (and several times after), I had to go back and check the ingredients I even had my dad try them when I was visiting over Christmas, and he said they taste just like chicken nuggets (I haven't had any in over a decade so I kind of forget what they taste like).

I do remember reading somewhere - I think it was a thread on these boards, that one time a company that made both veggie and real chicken nuggets messed up and put the real ones in the veggie package. I don't think that would be a concern if these are being produced in a meat free facility.

ETA: these chicken nuggets are GREAT with vegenaise!!
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These nuggets are good. Better than some I've had in the states and better than real nuggets (not as rubbery) plus no chickens were tortured amking them. I have no qualms about purchasing from a company that also creates meat products. Foremost they are a business. If these products succeed it encourages them to move in that direction. As a business they follow the money. Also we have a voice and a bit more influence if they want to respect veggie consumers, when it comes to concerns about treatment of animals. It's not perfect but it is more leverage than if they were just catering to meat eating consumers.
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I wanted to email the Schneiders company to tell them how much I liked the Oh Naturel products. So I went to my package of Meatless burgers and took the web address off the package. I got the right site...Schneiders....but there was not one mention of any meatless products on the site.

Then I googled 'Schneiders Oh Naturel'...but still could not get any results that took me to the meatless products.

So I clicked onto 'contact'. And it took me to Maple Leaf foods....so apparently Schneiders amalgamated with Maple Leaf Foods in 2003.

So I called Maple Leaf Foods to ask them why there is no reference to 'Oh Naturel' vegetarian products on-line anymore. This is worrisome to me as it makes me wonder if they are considering discontinuing their vegetarian products.

So I got a nice fellow on the line...and he advised me to email the company to tell them how much I like the Oh Naturel vegetarian products...and to keep them ...i.e.....Please Do Not discontinue them.

(Two of the mealess products were discontinued several years ago...and they were pretty darned good, if you ask me...these were the stuffed Chick' N line...one product was stuffed with faux ham and cheese...the other with broccoli and cheese...both products now gone)

So I am going to email them. He also suggested that I advise my vegetarian friends to do likewise so that they keep the Oh Naturel products on the market.

If you love Oh Naturel products, let Maple Leaf know.

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Hi there!


You should go to the T&T Supermarket & look for the Vegetarian Chicken Dogs & other products by Veggie Farm... boy, will you be amazed!

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