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Can you steam bell peppers?

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I have some red/orange/yellow strips I need to use up from my fridge tonight...

Has anyone ever steamed bell peppers? Were they cut in strips or whole?

I was thinking just enough to turn them tender-crisp, not mushy or anything...and then steam some asparagus and do like a lemon-herb sauce or something...

Erm? Anyone?...


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Personally, I wouldn't...I'd rather saute them and get the sugars caramelized. Steaming them seems like it would stray perilously close to SlimyPepperVille.

But...I am the 1st poster so far...we'll see!
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Can you: yes

Should you: no, it won't bring out the sweetness, you need higher temperature to do that.
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I wouldn't either. Get a non-stick pan and cook them in that, so you don't have to add any oil or margarine or whatever you use unless you want to.

Personally, I find they're really good in a morning tofu scramble with some light spices, maybe some garlic.
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I tried steaming them once, and the flavor was kind of off. I'll second what everyone has said here, and say saute them. Raw is better, flavor-wise, than steamed imo.
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i've steamed them, no problemo.

has to be a very quick steam. they didn't taste "off" to me, but then peppers in general don't especially appetize me.
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Based on my own experience, I'd choose sauteing over steaming.
*this space not for sale*
*this space not for sale*
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Thanks, all!

I ended up sauteeing (sp?) them with minced onion, carrots, rosemary, oregano, garlic, parsley and thyme...

Was pretty good

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That does sound good

looks like you called it well on the pepper thing, pseudo.

fwiw, I was going to say sautee, too.... there's just something about that type of heat that draws out all the best in bell peppers.
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