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Ulcer and soy?

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Does anybody know if soy milk would be good or bad for an ulcer? I'm kind of at a loss to determine what does and does not aggravate it - I seem able to eat one thing at one point without pain, and then the next time I eat it I'm on the floor.
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If it's like my Gall bladder problem. Then no, its not good.

Maybe try and get the "lite" low-fat kind and try it.
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I have a bad ulcer (it bleeds on occassion, and it's technically a bleeding ulcer), and I'm okay with soymilk in moderation (I never consume a lot anyway). I usually just have it with cereal, though, because it causes acidic belches and makes me think I might start having heartburn (a sign my ulcer is disagreeing with what I ate).

I don't think, in the case of an ulcer, that lite or low-fat or full-fat makes much of a difference. What you should worry about more is the acidic content, and since soymilk doesn't contain lactic acid like dairy milk, it's better for a sensitive tum.
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I heard that ulcers are caused by infections and in many cases can be cured with the right antibiotics.
My Blog: beforewisdom.com
My Blog: beforewisdom.com
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My ulcer was caused by drug abuse and bulimia. It has gotten a lot better due to taking antibiotics, but after prolonged use, your body doesn't react to antibiotics, as you build up a sort of resistance. Thus, I was taken off antibiotics, because if I ever have a serious infection, I'd be screwed.

Also, medications like Zantac and Tagamet are okay for short-term use, but eventually your stomach lining becomes dependent on them to create a lining, and you can never stop taking them without going back to ground-zero.
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I have acid reflux disease..which is different from an ulcer obviously, but when I was having severe episodes with it, I could not tolerate soy milk. I also couldn't tolerate dairy, chocolate, spicy foods, or citrus fruits/juice.

If you have any doubts, don't have it. It's not worth the pain.
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I recently read that DGL is great for ulcers. it is from licorice and has no side effects. the book said that DGL outperformed Zantac, Tagament, and another drug in tests.

i think it recommended 2 380mg chewable tablets 20 minutes before meals and recommended taking it for 8-16 weeks while it heaed. DGL is supposed to heal the stomach lining and attack the bacteria that helps cause ulcers, whereas Zantac and Tagament increase the ph level of the stomach acid from the normal 1.5-2.5 to 3.5(this increased ph level also decreases the effectiveness of the digestive juices and it does not allow for proper digestion, especially of protein). i let someone borrow the book, so i cannot quote it exaclty. i would also recommend astragalus root/reishi mushrooms rather than antibiotics, they work naturally to help the body fight off infections and such.
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