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Pate au choux/cream puffs/ eclairs/etc.

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I found a recipe for cream puffs on VegWeb, but has anyone made vegan pate au choux of any kind? It relies heavily on eggs, but I'd like to find a good replacement.

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I've made cream puffs a thousand times (it's my husband's favorite) but I can't imagine it without the eggs. The whole dish depends on them to function. Of course, you don't have to fill them with eggy cream, but I just don't see how the shells would work. If you try it and it works-let me know. As I stated in another thread, I'm looking for tea pary food for my daughter's b-day andI think a chocolate & tofu filled mini cream puff would go over well.

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I'm going to try it this weekend if nobody has a recipe. I'll use raw sugar and egg replacer and see if I get lucky, though I doubt it will provide enough steam to puff the pastry.

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What about using tofu? I use that in a lot of my baking recipes that I need moisture, as well as quiche type stuff, but maybe a mix of tofu in with the egg replacer with help give you some steam? I've only made cream puffs a couple of times a really long time ago and i was eating eggs then, so really I have no clue, but it may be worth a try!
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You should ask Chef Deb at www.vegsource.com. I think she's been able to come up with a vegan version of just about everything.
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If I remember correctly, Chef Deb had once suggested to someone that they could make vegan donuts without the hole in the middle, fill them with dairy-free cream, and ice them with chocolate. She said that the result would be very much like cream puffs.
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MOP- My mother -in-law made the VegWeb cream pufffs and they did not turn out ( and she is an awesome vegan cook ) . We've been looking for another recepie, so let me know if you find one that works!
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I tried it! Aaaaand...

it didn't work. They puffed nicely, but stayed far too moist in the center, and colapsed after awhile. If I left them in too much longer, they would have become too crispy. I'll try again later, but on a different temp.

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