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My betta has dropsy :(

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My betta, Schneider, has dropsy. His scales are all sticking up, and he's bloated. This has been going on for a week. Everything I've read says that there isn't really a cure, and that it usually is fatal within a week's time.

Schneiderman is still eating and swimming around, and seems to be a trooper.

Anyone have suggestions for what I could do?
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Aww hugs to you and your fishy! I'm sorry I don't have any advice, as I don't know much about fish. I hope he gets better!
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Thanks, Silver.
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Hey Brandon. I found this link for you.

It says to treat using tetracycline or naladixic acid.


Sorry to hear about Schneider.
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Cool, I'll check into that....Thanks RS!!
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I hope it helps. I don't know much about Bettas...I just did a quick google search for it.
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Hope he feels swimmingly good soon.
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Aww. A few years ago I had about 12 betas, so you'd think I'd know a lot about them but I don't. Hopefully he'll look up though They can be real fighters.

Edit: Er, I didn't mean for that to be so lame... fighters.. fighting fish... I'm slow sometimes...
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Unfortunately its an internal infection that is impossible to detect until the external symptoms appear and most of the time ... its just a matter of time.

There might be hope if hes still eating, it might not be dropsy but some kind of parasite. There are quite a few antibiotics/medicines out there that can help with bacterial and fungal infections.

Jungle labs makes some great stuff that is fast acting and very simple to use. The only problem youre going to face is that the doses are set up for 10 gallons. Thats pretty much the way it is for all the meds. You will also need water circulation. http://www.junglelabs.com/ Their products are available probably everywhere pet supplies are sold.

I use a 10 gallon tank ($10.00 new) with an air pump ($8.00) and an air stone ($2.50) as a hosptal tank.
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I don't know anything about fishies, sorry I hope he gets better. I know there are vets in NY who will see fish, since I read an article about some who treat Koi and stuff that people keep (since they're so big/expensive), and its really difficult to treat fish considering they need to stay under water!

Good luck!
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Buy him medication for dropsy and feed him bits of peas (you can just buy them frozen and thaw out as needed).
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Heres a list of disease and what to do about it. She seems to think dropsy is pretty much a lost case but she does try with the naladixic acid. Her site was used a lot on a pet forum I used to go to.

I hope your fishy doesn't have dropsy and gets better.
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You guys really are the best. I'm going to the pet store tomorrow to see what they have in the way of meds for dropsy.

For all of you that have stepped up to help me:
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Hey B

Sorry to hear about your Betta. Mine had dropsy or something like it. His stomach area was very swollen and he had trouble pooping. He eventually lost all his color. We did the pea and med things but nothing worked. He prolly suffered for a month. After that, I couldn't take it anymore so I had him euthanized. He was 2. RIP Zeus

I hope yours can be cured!

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Schneider gave up the fight sometime this morning. The little guy sure was a fighter- right up til the end, he was still eating like normal, and being a happy, active little fish. He was buried at sea, 1-20-05.

RIP, little one.
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