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I'm in Saskatoon. The only place I've looked for vegan cheese is Safeway and Sobey's and it all has casein. I haven't looked at Dad's Nutrition yet, they have quite a few vegan items.
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I was in Steep Hills Food Co-op on the weekend and they have vegan cheese. They had Vegan Gourmet Cheddar and Veganrella Mozarella.
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Oh goodie! I will have to make a stop there the next time I visit family in Saskatoon. I've been having a hard time finding vegan cheese here in Regina. The mock soy cheeses I have found usually contain casein.
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I was just there on Thursday and it looked like they had more in. I love that store.
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I go to Dad's nutrition in Saskatoon. It has good stuff!
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I love Dad's selection of different flours and what-not. I havent' been there in awhile though...I don't have a car and it's a bit of a pain to get to it from where I live.
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i live in Saskatoon. just trying to get by, finding places to shop for vegan friendly food, its tough!

although i am surprised with Superstore how they opened up a new section with dairy free and vegan stuff.

anyone have any suggestions of how and where to shop?

i feel so alone!
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Originally Posted by allyosun View Post

i feel so alone!

Haha, I know how you feel! I'm in North B, so I feel quite alone, too.

I'm not vegan, but even as a vegetarian I have such a hard time finding a decent place to eat in Saskatoon (or here, of course). I hear Saba's on 22nd is good, but every time I go there it's closed. We ended up at Alexander's last time but they hardly had any veggie choices -- we ended up having the weirdest veggie burger ever. My daughter asked for a quesadilla without chicken and they told her no. We were so not impressed.
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so quiet in here! hey Saskatoon people whats up?
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I just wanted to add that Sabba's is GREAT for vegetarian/vegan options...they have a veggie combo plate that is delicious. Oh, and I was at Sushiro a couple of months ago and they have a good selection of veggie sushi rolls (beyond the normal plain cucumber roll, etc.) - the spicy vegetarian was really good.
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I think ill have to try out Saba's sometime! I looked at their website and it looks pretty sweet. Thanks!
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Thought I'd bump this thread to see if there were any Saskies out there right now.

I'm in Saskatoon, and I've found there is quite a nice variety of restaurants with delish veg/vegan options to choose from. Its rare that I end up somewhere without at least one option on the menu. A good sign for ol Saskatoon!
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