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Bad, good recipes

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Ok, so some really good recipes can be really bad.

I had these cracker type cookies that I thought would be realy good with something on them, so I ended up whipping together this really yummy chocolate icing and proceeded to my computer. Many cookies with many dips in the icing later, my tummy doesn't feel so good. Sometimes when you start in on something good it's just too hard to stop!

So what yummy things do you eat that you can't seem to get enough of at one time?
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I just made the most delightful tofu-dip , ate quite a bit of chips in it too (though I may be, even should be, 'stress eating').
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I decided to make some apple-bread, by substituting apple butter for peanut butter in my 'peanutbutter bread' recipe.

It didn't work out so well.
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I'm not original: Brownies.
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I get like that (especially during menses) with popcorn! Fat, salt, crunch -- it's got it all! And if I make kettle corn, I'm really through! :O

Even if I air pop it and don't add fat -- I think it's the carb thing.
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Charity, that makes two of us...I'm not a dessert person, but when it comes to brownies and ice cream, all bets are off!
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Brownies seem to be an american thing - are they the same as cake?
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Brownies are chewier and fudgier and yummier than any cake! They are somewhat cakelike though, but more I think like a really soft cookie bar. Hmm...did that make ANY sense?
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Oh yeh, that was a pretty good description!

*imagines brownies, orgasms and falls over*
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