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Clutter: Unfrugal.

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Clutter is extremely unfrugal, causes a lot of worry/stress, is a health/fire hazard and makes one inefficient. I have been greatly influenced by clutter in the past and still am to a certain extent. But it is a lot better than before.

Do you have clutter ? Have you dealt with severe clutter ? Please share your experience.

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I totally agree, we have clutter right here on VB......(ok I'm sort of kidding there but it finds a niche EVERYwhere on big wide web is my point, just as it does offline) but thank 'god' its only the cyber world right here, use of chips & bytes at least save paper, but still "get off the internet" ppl... Silicon chips etc are a burden on resources too.

Also, forbid yourself the clutter in your mind of watching too much TV. I've been months without watching my TV, and I dont much give a damn,

so long as I have the internet sparingly ~according to what use I have for it~ but generally getting off the internet as said above is still an issue we need to be wary of, becouz the Ultimate Clutter Collector has to be online, and in some ways worse than being exposed to rubbish on TV due to the infinite nature of material found on the internet and of which entertainment (unlike TV) is just a small part.

Clutter is the paralysis of things which stagnates us, both in ones home and in things like beurocracy!......

That includes beurocracy that extends itself and worms its way into the home too, which is largely inescapable for everyone/most people sadly, even frugals to an extent, becouz information is a must for all to survive adequetely in this life, but we can still minimize our masses of paper files, and cut drastically what we really don't need.

Home organization of things has been a nightmare for me in terms of paper organization spanning years, but nothing collates with me to such a huge burdensome extent anymore, I just recycle any recyclable junk or outdated papers that I no longer need or update critical parts of which

and shift or transfer information, much like we do on our PC's which of

course makes the job more easy, though of course we all acknowledge

not everything can be wisely (or safely) or practically stored on our PC's.
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I clutter. But last night I sorted out 7 carrier bags of clothes to pass on. That leaves about a zillion to go. It's hard, I kept thinking "but supposing I lost 30lbs in weight, I could wear these things again". And "if only I went to dressmaking classes I could learn how to alter these clothes or make patchwork quilts or cushion covers".
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