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I feel sad.

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Today I kind of have a lack of confidence for my veganism.. I was talking to an ex-boyfriend and he said someone told him I was, "afraid to eat fish, beef, pork etc." Sometimes people just don't understand and I just feel sad.. I feel like I've lost friends and people think I have an eating disorder or something because I don't drink milk or eat eggs.. even though I eat a TON of other things that aren't animal derived. Do you guys get this? I know other people have encountered this kind of thing, and how do you deal with it? I DON'T plan on going back to omnivore, however right now I just need some advice and confidence.. someone to tell me that my lifestyle is okay and I'm doing something positive. Just one of those days...
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Try sharing some of the new and interesting things you have learned about incorporating into your diet. My friends have sampled some of my Soy Delicious chocolate icecream and also have tried my Yves Soy Turkey sandwiches out of curiosity and ended up realizing that veg*nism/vegism (for me) is simply an ethical opinion that happens to extend into my diet.
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I didnt think people could be as shallow as drop a friendship just due to diet
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I guess I don't think about or deal with such things. When you get to a certain age (I think), hopefully you realize what a waste of time it is to worry about how others 'see' you. I look at it like this. My life's too short to waste it on people who are unsupportive or negative. I dropped a friend last year for this very reason. I felt badly about it, but realized at the same time, what a negative influence she'd been on my life for the ten years I'd known her. And it was time to stop swimming in that pit of negativity with her.

I think what becomes important later on is what kind of people do YOU want to spend your time with. Most everyone in my life is supportive of my choices (dietary and otherwise), and I am of theirs. I just don't want folks in my life who want me to feel 'badly' about myself.

Hope this makes sense.

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You've made a wonderful choice that allows you to look at animals without guilt or shame, and know that you are consciously living each day in accord with your sense of decency and compassion. You are also highly unlikely to ever need bypass surgery, and that's a good thing too.

The Rev
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Awww...don't listen to other people! You have to understand that your lifestyle is foreign to them, but they WILL get used to it, I promise! Stand true to your values because whether or not you eat animal products has absolutely NOTHING to do with your friends or whoever. Be your own person and stand up for what you believe in and never let others tell you that you are stupid or whatnot. Because you aren't. You are wonderful for being vegan...don't forget that!
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Thanks guys. I'm feeling a better about it after a few days. Last night I went out with an omni friend I haven't seen in a while and he was totally supportive of me being vegan. It was nice because when he asked me why and all of that, I actually had all of the answers and I could speak for myself. I guess these things just take time... but I know I can persist on!
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I haven't written here in a long time, and I know you basically are already feeling much better, but I just wanted to say that every (well almost) person in the world has something that sets them apart from everyone else....it helps one define themselves as an individual, you know? I wouldn't be me without my views on animal rights...I love that about me. I love that I have a friend who is a political activist and has an opinion on everything. We both are misunderstood but we don't let it get to us because no one knows us better them ourselves, and that's ok.
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