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The rescue group I work with (Pets In Need) desperatley needs people to help us foster the animals we have. You se, we don't really have our own boarding facility for our animals, so they stay at a local Animal Hospital out of the kindness of the owner's heart. However, we can only have 6 cats and dogs COMBINED at their facilities at any given time, and all of the following are currenly there, wasting away their days in kennels.

Anyone out there have any room in your homes for one of these guys?

Lizzy (feline) is about a year old, very sweet, but hates dogs. OK with other cats,

but sometimes will swat at them

Kipper (feline) would be best without dogs, same with cats as lizzie. he is also

about a year old

Robbie (feline) seems to be a scaredy cat. will adjust with dogs, but probably best in a home without cats. he seems young, maybe a year old

Ralph (feline) Is about a year or two old. another scaredy cat, but seems ok with dogs, and ok with non dominant cats.

then we have a little grey kitty

Tyson (canine) is a 6-7 year old american pit bull mix. seems good with

other dogs, but not with cats

Moby (canine) is a 4-5 year old shepherd mix. good with other dogs, unsure of cats.

then we also have a little scruffy dog who is currently being kept in isolation. unsure of anything about her right now, but I believe she has kennel cough

You can see pics and bios of them all and more at our website.

Thanks to anyone who can help!!!

"you know, nowhere in the bible does it say that jesus was not a raptor"


"you know, nowhere in the bible does it say that jesus was not a raptor"