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freakin' cold.

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i'm cold natured and am always cold, but damn, sometimes it's not normal. and i'm not about to go to the doctor. i know my iron and all that stuff is fine.

i was trying to take a nap a little while ago and was fully clothed, lots of blankets (like LOTS of blankets). i think it's cold in my place, but it's 75 degrees outside and i have the windows open so it shouldnt be bad. i had to turn the heat on cause when i woke up i got out of bed freakin shivering and shaking.

what's up with that? i made some hot tea and hopefulyl i'll warm up. i suppose i can blame it all on stress and my system is whacked...but i HATE being cold.
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I'm always cold too.. But that's because I weigh 95 pounds...
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Hey Funk. My Dad used to be hot all of the time. Never ever got cold even in the winter. Now, he's older and on a lot of meds and he get's cold very easily. Get's so cold that he shivers and shakes. He has this saying that he 'shivers worse that a dog crappin' razor blades'...hehehe. Anyhow, are you taking any medications that may make you more sensetive to temperature changes or the cold? Make sure you take your vitamins too.
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heh, i'm gonna have to use that line

nah, dont take any drugs. i take b12 and calcium but that's it....
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i'm cold most of the time too - partly because i'm thin, but i also heard that veggies have a lower temp than omnis.

but don't fret, funkified - summer is just around the corner
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Funkified I used to have cycling glasses just like yours.

But more on the topic herein, I'm cold too. I sit here with sun shining into the room, and yet have a personal hot air blower enclose my body in constant warmness.

It can be low blood pressure too as that is what I have. Drugs I don't take (and I speak here about those by prescription). I have no idea about my blood values nor do I take any vitamins. But I eat lot of vitamins in fruit.

On the lighter side I love hot ramen soup, don't you? And isn't it fun to sort socks?

Anyway was this in any way helpful?
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ive heard that eating a higher % of raw veggies over cooked can keep your body temp down, but i dont know the validity of that. i eat mostly raw veggies, not because i belive in raw foodism (cause i pretty much dont) but because im lazy to cook.

but im ALWAYS cold, everyone gets so pissed at me for always havingthe heater on. my boyfriend yelps when i touch him, which makes me feel pretty bad, i cant help it that my hands are cold.

he gets really hot when hes sleeping so he gets up and opens the window and i wake up in the middle of the night feeling like im having a damn seizure or something.

i sometimes keep a thermos with hot tea or just water in it next to me when i sleep so if i wake up and feel freezing i drink it and it helps a little.

also i sleep with gloves on hehe. i went to the doc about it and they basically said some people are just like that. which i dont know if i accept that answer.

Good luck
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yeah! i'm not the only one. my brother's girlfriend is worse than i am...there's some disorder but alas i forget what it's callled.

i've had to sleep with gloves and hat before..that's never fun.

i don't think eating anytime i'm cold is the answer, uh, no. i'm not underweight by any means, so that's not the issue.

aye, oatmeal, i am very fond of my glasses. i do the bono thing and wear them here there and everywhere. good stuff. sorting socks however...i have yet to get into that

and yes! summer is almost here. yeehaw!
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I don't think Freemouse means eat anytime you're cold, or even that being underweight is the problem. Regardless of your weight, if you don't take in enough calories you will not be able to keep yourself warm. So make sure you eat enough.

Otherwise hot water bottles are good. Also it helps to keep your feet and head covered, I believe you lose most body heat through those areas.
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Funkified, I recall you said you had anorexia history and from reading "what did you eat today" it seems you don't eat much.

I am on the same boat, I have 4 jackets in my office to fend the AC (everyone else is wearing T-shirt, this is Hawaii and I have sweater!!! I am 95LB). I found that eating as normal as possible really boost up my energy and I don't feel freezing cold anymore (still have jackets, but less layers).

Hot water work for several minitues but that's illusion, you need calories.
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I am always cold too - I am always cranking the heat up at work to 80 degrees. I am surprised neither of my co-workers have passed out yet. I found that hot tea and hot foods especially soup really help thaw me out. Also I wear a lot of layers so on days like today when it is kind of warm out and my co-workers want the door open I can work without freezing. I love summer when it us 95 degrees outside.
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yeah, i was anorexic for four years but gained all that weight and then some back. the past week has been a really crappy week emotionally for me and i have a hard time actually eating when i'm upset...so that's my excuse with the food log thing. but i weigh about 130 which isn't a bad weight and i'm not losing anything.

i fill up my nalgene bottle with hot water when i'm on an airplane...and oh! that works wonders!

gotta go to class!
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I'm always cold, too, but I think it's 'cause I'm ultra-skinny. I carry a jacket with me EVERYWHERE, even in the middle of the summer.
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hm. . . I'm not ultra-skinny, but I'm "little" (5', 90lbs) and right now I am freezing! it decided to go from being 80something to 60something, and it rained, I was late to lecture, my feet are sopping wet, etc. grr! fortunately I have a thermos of ginger tea, but it's almost gone and I still have another four hours before I can go home and get dry socks.

but yeah. hands are feet are always cold. if they're not, the rest of me is burning up - which does happen here in the summers, since it tops 100 so often
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I'm always cold too, and they keep the school at 71 all the time, so I basically freeze all day
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Keegan you need to eat more so your body can generate heat. The end.
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All you tiny girls....****

I think that sometimes its just a difference in people. I tend to be warm more than cold, as is my father, and my mother and my aunts are ALWAYS freezing. They keep their houses like 90 degrees all year long! I can definatley say that when you are very thin you tend to be cold, and most of you sound as though you are quite skinny. If you gain a little weight, I'd imagine you'd warm up.

Thats all I have to offer here....


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Not true. I have plenty of weight and I still freeze. Must be some other reason.
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I am also always cold and I am a healthy weight.

Its so anying sometimes. I'll sleep with 4 blankets on and Dave will only have a thin sheet over him. In the car we are always fighting about weather or not the heater or the air conditioner should be turned on. In fact, its a sunny day out here (high 60's) and I have the heater turned on in the house. Its so strange. I can just feel this chill settling into my bones. Its like an inner body cold. I dunno what causes it, but I wish it would go away.....

Having said that, I'm going to go eat some warm soup now.
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oh...riding in the car of sleeping in bed with men folk is difficult...yeah, i have nine hundred blankets on and he has none...or in the car - my ex has a convertible and i'm miserable in it! br!
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A convertible? I could never handle one of those.....
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it's difficult. it'll be 75 degrees out and i've got a fleece hat on in the car and make him turn the heat on, heh. i can almost handle that..with a jacket of course.

but yeah, i dont really understand the convertible appeal to begin with...his is i'll admit, somewhat sexy but it's a very modest one with a bike rack on the back, heh. most of the things are just hideous.
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I just thought about that ginger tea with pinch brown sugar is our ancient remedy for "inner cold". water melon and cucumber are considered "cold" in natural, whereas ginger and peanuts are "hot".

Coming to VB makes me feel warm
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I can relate to the car situation very well! Brrr... Maybe it can be genetic? My mom's cold too and my sis too.

And rainbowmoon:

> All you tiny girls....****

YES! I'm a guy i'm freezin' and I admit it!
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I am 5' and 130 lbs so I am definitely not underweight but I am always freezing. My house is kept a t 74 but I always have sweaters and blankets etc. I wear a hat and gloves to bed sometimes!

My best tip though is that before I go to bed I soak in a really hot bath for ten minutes or so so then I at least stay warm till I get to sleep!
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I'm a guy too
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I used to freeze my wazoo off all the time. Even in Summer, it'd be 113 out, and I'd be shivering like a chihauha stuck in the freezer! Everyone had jolly fun with it, too: "Don't forget to grab a sweatshirt for Dee 'cause it's going to be 113 today and we don't want her getting frostbite or suffering hypothermia". They'd laugh and I'd just roll my eyes and take that sweatshirt so that I could get somewhat warm and at least feel my hands again.

But then, Hubby moved me to "nearly Canada" and now I'm fine. In fact, I'm almost too hot most of the time. Dang near to melting, is more like it. My house is kept almost to a chill and Hubby will plead for me to turn up the heat because the cat's turning into an icecube and he can't feel his toes anymore (whimp!). I've found that there are a few things that one can do to help be warm: Ginger tea is one. Eating lots of hot peppers is the other. Ginger is a warming agent so it helps the body warm up from the inside out and peppers act like a natural "anti-freeze" that keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer. A friend of mine used to eat cayenne pepper on EVERYTHING just before a climb into cold country and he said it works like a dream! Even for those that don't rock-climb, it works! For extra-cold days, a little cayenne on the soles of the feet before you put socks on keep a person toasty, too. Just don't do too much. I did one time, and I felt like my feet were on fire all day but it's really nice if you get the amount right. If the feet are warm, the rest feel warm and it's nice.
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