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Soy free seitan

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I had never heard of seitan before now and I think it sounds pretty interesting but I am allergic to soy and almost all the recipes I have found call for soy sauce. I did find one recipe http://calivegans.com/vegan-eating/soy-free-seitan-recipe/#comments which doesn't have soy and it also doesn't have nutritional yeast, which I can't get access to either, but if the recipe turns out bad I don't want to have a bunch of useless vital wheat gluten lying around.


So I was wondering if any of you have good seitan recipes that have substitutes for soy sauce and nutritional yeast or is free of these ingredients.

Thanks in advance.

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I usually stir fry the plain gluten in Marmite and soya milk*, and maybe some garlic granules.

*you could us other dairy free milk

You can get Marmite-like products too, like Vegemite.
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I tried the recipe that I linked above and it was surprisingly good I really wasn't expecting it to be this tasty but since I already liked bread before I was hoping it would be good. I think next time I will knead it a lot more to make it a bit more firm also I didn't use dill but basil and it still was pretty good. Anyway if any of you are allergic/intolerant/ or just avoid soy give it a try :)


I will give that a try next time Blobbenstein.

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