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I just "discovered" hummus and fell in love ; i bought a small food processor. Can I successfully make this at home cheaper!
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We went on a picnic today and took along some homemade hummus. I almost never buy pre-made, although sometimes I will, as a treat. Homemade is much cheaper.
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You can make it at home, I don't know if it would be cheaper or not. I think it depends on what things cost for you. But if you make it at home you can add in things you like, such as roasted red peppers. I usually buy hummus because it isn't that expensive and tahini is pricey and I never seem to use it all up.

I am pretty sure I read a comparison cost evaluation of hummus before, I'll post if I can find it.
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I usually buy hummus at Costco but I forget what the price is there.
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Aldis hummus is pretty cheap. I think it's good, but not as good as what I make.

Buy chickpeas in bulk! To me, they're the most versatile bean. Soak overnight, or day, then cook until done.
I get a lb. which makes about 4 cups (?maybe more) for about $1.00.

Besides that, they're so good for burgers, curries, ...
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just picked up Aldi's Little Salad Bar Hummus quartet.

20 oz. for under $4

I came here to learn.

PLEASE be nice!


I came here to learn.

PLEASE be nice!

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