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Cleaning out the fridge/pantry

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I stopped eating meat about two weeks ago and made a big trip to Whole Foods yesterday. Time to clean out the pantry and refrigerator.

Any "hidden" ingredients I probably should get rid of?
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I feel bad throwing this stuff out, but honestly most of it hasn't been used recently.

Kimchi (cabbage and radish)- has anchovies, shrimp and oyster sauce
Oyster sauce
Fish sauce
Worcestershire sauce
Beef stock

I am sad about my kimchi. Any brands/source without fish?
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You're probably already aware of it, but make sure to avoid gelatine If you made the switch because of animal welfare, you might also want to consider buying organic dairy and eggs. But don't stress, do things in your own pace.

What I'm about to say might not get me popular among my fellow VB'ers, but if you feel really bad about throwing the sauces out, then don't. I mean, you've already bought them - continuing to use them until the bottles are empty and afterwards not buying new ones is not going to affect the supply/demand balance at all. You're not killing any animals. But if it feels wrong to be eating foods with fish or meat in them (which I completely understand - I'd feel the same way), throw the stuff out, or give it to a friend/family member if you feel bad about wasting food.
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Thanks for your reply.

Most of the ingredients were used for a specific recipe, the only thing I probably would have eaten was the kimchi.

I need to have a clear line (that is just how I am, need things clearly defined) to eat vegetarian. I am bringing some canned tuna to my parents tomorrow. The other stuff was all open/partially used. I was trying to eat less meat/be very selective about the meat I consumed prior to the switch but it wasn't really working.
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I completely understand. I also did it "cold turkey" when I made the switch. Now, I'm less strict. I still don't eat meat or fish, but I've used a beef stock for a stew once (it was in the house already), and sometimes, I chew gum with gelatine in it, and I've had a dessert with gelatine in it on a restaurant (didn't realise it before I got it). I try not to buy anything with gelatine in it, but if someone hands me a piece of gum or candy that I know contains gelatine, I'll take it and say thank you instead of refusing it. I'm at a point right now where I feel so confident and happy about not eating meat that I allow myself to eat what I want, because I know I won't end up gorging a hamburger.
Good luck on your new lifestyle! If you need ideas for nice vegetarian meals, check out smittenkitchen.com There are a LOT of vegetarian recipes (I'd say 90 % are vegetarian), and they all look amazing.
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