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Hi! This is so cool, yet ANOTHER friend has come to me for my "activist" advice. Because I know nothing on the topic of falconry, I wanted to direct her concern to you guys. Here's what she said:

"Hey Caitlin, I'd like to ask a quick question. What are your views on falconry? I've been interested in taking it up for a while now, but since you're even more of an animal activist than I am, I'd like your views on this. Please respond when you get the time "

I'm curious for the answer myself. I tend to think that it's not the greatest thing because of the entertainment factor. It also depends on the organization that houses the falcons. Thoughts?
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Falcons taken from the wild and used for recreational hunting purposes. They're also trained on and fed live pigeons and other domestic animals in-between hunts. Doesn't seem very kind to animals to me.
slops, gloops, and gruels.
slops, gloops, and gruels.
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Depends where you go, Peace. Where I was involved in falconry, the prey was dead when fed and ALL of the animals were captive bred for generations. It's illegal to use wild-caught birds here (it's also ridiculous since they'd be so much harder to handle than an imprinted bird.)
I would say that under those circumstances it's hardly different than having any carnivorous pet. I mean, most of us feed out dogs meat in kibble form, the raptors just eat it unprocessed.
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Unless they were rescue birds who were being rehabilitated or could never return to the wild, I couldn't agree with it. Captivating wild birds, or breeding an animal to live a captive live, is in my opinion wrong. Whether it's dogs or birds we shouldn't be breeding captive or dependant animals for human gain. Furthermore falconry is associated with hunting which is another thing I don't agree with. All in all, I'm not sure it could ever be something cruelty free, unless as I said it was with rescue birds.
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