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Vegan meatball tips?

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I've been trying to come up with a good recipe for vegan swedish meatballs (traditional holiday dish in my family).

My go-to has been a slight altered version of this, which is mainly based around the Gimme Lean meat substitute: http://vegfrugalhousewife.com/2007/1...ish-meatballs/

It's quite good, although the sausage flavor was overpowering at first, but I recently gave Nate's Meatless Meatballs a try and found the texture to be far superior - they hold together great while frying but crumble nicely in the mouth.

I was wondering if anyone had a good recipe that approximates that product, as I'd prefer to be able to make them myself, and also to tune the flavor a bit. Ideally I'd like to come up with something that uses only pantry items like gluten, TVP, breadcrumbs etc. rather than packaged meat substitutes. Thoughts?
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can't really help you there. every meatball type thing I've tried to make didn't really have the density or chew that I was looking for
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i make meat balls out of lentils, processed oats, tomato paste, spices and vital wheat gluten (also onions, garlic etc.) the key is to steam them first (to get the wheat gluten chewy) then pan fry or roast in the oven.
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Sounds interesting - how do you prepare the lentils? Precooked or just soaked?
What are your proportions of lentils, oats and gluten?
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cook the lentils, i cook them with spices like cumin, thyme, rosemary and garlic.

This is the recipe i modified. instead of bread crumbs i use oats just bc that's what i usually have (if using store bought bread crumbs check ingredients list for eggs if you are vegan, sometimes bread crumbs have eggs in them)
i don't use nutritional yeast or soy sauce, just add more oats or wheat gluten if the mixture is too wet. for the liquid i use the flavorful broth the lentils cooked in.

i also saute the onions and garlic for a few minutes to bring out the flavors, roasted garlic is excellent to use instead.

combine everything as the instructions say on the PPK recipe, form into balls. here is the step i added: use a steamer or pot with a colander and lid to steam the balls for 5-10 minutes, then bake at around 375 or pan fry in some olive oil
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The veg meatballs from Trader Joe's are wonderful. I'm not 100% sure if they're vegan, though. My husband even likes them and he's an omni.

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