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How to make cabbage less gassy

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I have been exploring a lot of recipes that contain cabbage lately and I have certainly been noticing the difference in my digestion.... So I decided that I would have to come up with something to address that because cabbage is really too delicious to eliminate from my diet. So, after some research I created this tea:

Cabbage-Is-My-Friend Tea - http://gormandizewithus.blogspot.com...riend-tea.html

It has been working really well! I have been having raw cabbage in my salads for the past few days and I'm fine as long as I drink some of this tea with and/or after it. Actually, the tea is also really delicious so when I make it I usually use the same batch and replenish the hot water for 4-5 cups. It's also great to treat PMS and period pain.

Does anybody else have some good remedies they can share?
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I bought fenugreek seeds on a whim remembering I'd seen them in recipes. I can't find the recipes, but I have heard they were good as a tea. I'll def. try this, more for PMS than gas though.
I love cabbage, I've always simmered it with tumeric so maybe that helps with the gas. Cabbage, noodles, kasha, curry powder and a handful of golden raisens.

Ginger tea is my go to for stomach ills.
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