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SILK Soymilk expiration date question

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I have a carton of Silk Soymilk that I discovered in the back of my fridge with an expiration date of 7/11/2010. I am about halfway through my current carton so I wouldn't start a new one until next week (after the 7/11 date). Would it still be safe to drink? I usually have it finished well before the expiration date so I have never had this problem before. Thanks!
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I'd think so. I've been cooking with expired Silk for the past week now and have had no problems. If it is kinda lumpy or has a sour-ish smell then time to throw out.
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I personally wouldn't be too concerned about opening a carton of soy milk a few days past it's "expiry" (or "best by") date. Those dates are more general guidelines for things like this. The soy milk isn't going to be fine the day before the date on the package and turn sour the day after

I think a more important indicator of freshness would be how long it's been open for. A newly opened carton a few days after the date is probably fresher than a carton that's 2 weeks before the date but has been opened for a week.

Besides, when soy milk is off, you can really tell it is off!
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^^^^ That
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people are always razzing me but I dont eat, drink or use anything past the exp date....that may be because I am allergic to anything but I just dont but thats just me.
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I don't follow expiration dates ... if I pour it on my cereal, and my soymilk smells funny, or has lumps, it's time to go. But other than that, it's usually fine, and has no problems.
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In addition to what others have said--there's no mistaking soy milk that's gone bad!--old soymilk isn't likely to hurt you. I'd be much more concerned about eating animal products that have gone off, as those are likely to contain pathogens that can survive in us, and anything with mold on it (some molds can be extremely toxic.)

The usual progression of soymilk going bad is:

1) it starts to taste a little more beany. It's still fine to drink, but many people don't like it enough to bother at this point.

2) It starts to taste and smell sour. At this point you should probably throw it out.

3) It starts to separate and get chunky. At this point, if you need me to tell you to throw it out, well...
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