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Non-animal tested laundry detergent

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Someone asked about this a while back (I forget who). On this page, it lists "Sun" as an alternative to P&G animal-tested laundry detergent.

I don't know anymore then that, but I thought I'd pass it on.

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Yes, that was probably me. I use Sun Laundry Detergent and Cuddle Soft Fabric Softener. They're not tested on animals, according to the label. It's made by Huish Detergents.
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Thanks for the list, I did not know that Aussie tested on animals. I have some throwing out to do today.
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Aussie's label says it isn't tested on animals either. So which is it?

I use a laundry soap that we buy at the Bulk Barn and it is also in the health food store here... it's by "The Soap Works" and is detergent/phosphate/enzyme free, not tested on animals, biodegradeable, no animal products etc. It comes in a little brown bag, says it will do 50-60 loads, and is only $10-12 a bag (CDN funds).
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Aussies isn't tested on animals, but it is owned by Proctor and Gable. There are a lot of P&G products that aren't tested on animal. Some people boycott all P&G products because they don't want to support a company that tests most of their products on animals. See this thread.
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I have some throwing out to do today.

Please don't just chuck it. You already bought it, so the damage is already done. The support has already been given to the company. Whether you buy more or not determines how it'll be supported, not whether or not you waste the material. If you don't want to support the company, then don't buy anymore. But please don't contribute to waste, either, if there's no reason to do so.
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Well, I suppose it's a step in the right direction to buy a product that isn't tested on animals, than one that is. I have used Thermasilk for ages because my hair is such a damn pain in the ass. I tried Aussie and it seems to work pretty well. So I guess it will be a transitional thing.

I agree, don't throw out the stuff you already have.... that's just wasteful and doesn't help anything.
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i get 100 loads out of a 13 dollar box of biokleen. its totally vegan and environmentally safe, does a great job, and its just right for my budget. sun is super cheap, i just wish i could find out if theres any animal stuff in it because you can get it everywhere. i have to make a special trip to the hf store for biokleen, oh well
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Since PETA is suggesting it as an alternative, it's probably free of animal ingredients. I get about 25 loads out of a $1 box from the Dollar Tree.
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