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Vegan's Daily Companion: 365 Days of Inspiration for Cooking, Eating, and Living Compassionately

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #2 in Cookbooks


Pros: You can put skull and bone stickers all over the book to make it appear more threatening and sinister

Cons: I think books like this might contribute to the third world war

I can't really say I approve of this book. After you open the cover, you'll quickly notice that all pages but the first one have been left blank, and the first page only has one thing: contact details for a special escort service, so that you can get your Daily Companion -- if you don't have an ethical objection to that sort of thing. Well, I do object to that, almost as much as I object to making horses wear sunglasses, and the idea that an escort service is marketed under the banner of compassion or veganism makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up, the hair on my thighs sit down, and the hair in other regions of my body make a kind of hesitant lying-down motion. Shame on the author and the publisher, shame on them, and may their homes be destroyed in a storm.


Besides, the daily companion I ordered (after a long process, I overcame my objection to escort services after I noticed the company provides a $3 discount) turned out to be a grumpy middle-aged accountant who had recently been fired from his job. His only idea of being my daily companion turned out to consist of: eating all the food from my fridge, not washing his hands after going to the bathroom, and constantly complaining to me about immigrants and his back pains. I want my effin money back.


All in all, I would recommend this book to those people who seek to use this book as evidence in a criminal case against the author and/or publisher.


"I must start out by saying that Colleen Patrick-Goudreou is one of my favorite vegan authors; her cookbooks "The Vegan Table" and "Color Me Vegan" feature some of my most-used recipes. When I saw her new book, "Vegan's Daily Companion," I immediately snapped it up. I was very excited that Colleen was writing another vegan book that wasn't primarily a cookbook. How did her first non-cookbook venture turn out?

Wonderful! This is a great reference book that you can literally flip open to any page and read a passage or article. It is designed with 365 articles to be one year's worth of daily passages, but I enjoy just reading through the book at my leisure. The articles feature some recipes, rescued animal profiles, veg-friendly literature by the likes of Mark Twain and Roald Dahl, vegan "power" food profiles, and more! There are some lovely pictures of farm animals and food throughout...as well as photos of Colleen herself.

Any cons? Well, it's more of a minor disappointment: about half of the recipes from the book are recycled from Colleen's previous cookbooks. There are, however, some new recipes too for those (like myself) who already own Colleen's cookbooks.

This book has a lot of information for those curious about a vegan lifestyle, as well as long-time vegans. You can use the book throughout the year for daily readings, but it also works lovely as a bathroom companion or coffee table book. Like I said, I love that I can just flip open to any page and find a completely stand-alone article to read.

Highly recommended!"

-Justin off Amazon, I couldn't have said it better myself. 

Vegan's Daily Companion: 365 Days of Inspiration for Cooking, Eating, and Living Compassionately

"Full of wisdom, intelligence, and thoughtfulness, Vegan's Daily Companion is one of those books that inspires you to be a better person with each page you read."—John Robbins, bestselling author of The Food Revolution, Diet for a New America, and The New Good Life"An unfettered, unabashed daily affirmation of the joy of being vegan. An invitation and a promise, a process and a guide for creating a compassionate world. And some darn good recipes, too!"—Carol J. Adams, author of The Sexual Politics of Meat"As a vegan advocate for nearly two decades, I was pleasantly surprised to learn a wealth of brand new and fascinating information in this completely unique book that combines practical tips and insightful wisdom for eating healthfully and living joyfully. Full of stunning photos and interesting facts about animals in history and literature, this is a fantastic resource for vegans as well as for curious, compassionate non-vegans."—Melanie Joy, Ph.D., author of Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear CowsLive a joyful, compassionate life, every day of the year with Colleen Patrick-Goudreau's guide, Vegan's Daily Companion!Mondays: For the Love of Food – A celebration of familiar and not-so-familiar foods to spark enthusiasm for eating healthfully.Tuesdays: Effective Communication – Techniques and tactics for speaking on behalf of veganism effectively and compassionately.Wednesdays: Optimum Health for Body, Mind, and Spirit – Care and maintenance for becoming and remaining a joyful vegan.Thursdays: Animals in the Arts: Literature, Film, Painting – Inspiration across the ages that reflects our consciousness of and relationship to non-human animals.Fridays: Stories of Hope, Rescue, and Transformation – Heartening stories of people who have become awakened and animals have found sanctuary.Saturdays + Sundays: Healthful Recipes – Favorite recipes to use as activism and nourishment.

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