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gardein Seven Grain Crispy Tenders


Pros: Great taste, no strange texture, no bad aftertaste, versatile.

Cons: small package

These are delicious and I use them for dipping, in wraps, on my salads, and sometimes I have them as a snack.

I eat them about once a week.

Wish they came in bigger packages so I didn't have to buy them frequently.

I think most anyone would enjoy these!


Pros: Crispy, no strange after taste

Cons: None

I love these. I know some people say these are greasy but they always cook up crispy for me. I use these to make wraps most of the time. I add red onion,tomato,avocado,lettuce,vegan cheese,vegan ranch and coconut bacon. I also make these with waffles(vegan chicken and waffles).


Pros: My daughter will eat them

Cons: Probably not the healthiest food ever

I eat these probably once a week, but always with a sweet ginger chili sauce (think sweet and sour + spicy) by The Ginger People.  So good.  I've tried them sans sauce and they have a bit of an aftertaste.   Not a 'vegan-only' food at all, in my experience.  I would imagine I could make them for a group of kids and tell them they're chicken nuggets and they'd be none the wiser.  My daughter likes them with ketchup and she's pretty picky.  


Pros: Availability, occasional coupons

Cons: Taste

I'm not particularly fond of these. If this was my only option for a meat alternative chicken, I could eat them. However, I feel as if there are many other chicken alternatives similar in price that are much better in taste and texture


Pros: somewhat edible, protein

Cons: frankenfood

For those who have recently shifted over from an omnivorous diet to a vegan one, these may be acceptable. To anyone else, run.

The taste of the greasy, gray mush that lies under the breading is not remotely appetizing. Like McDonald's, the thing is palatable due only to the effort put into making the breading passable. It succeeds, for the most part, but there are some textural problems that arise when the breading breaks apart as it is heated.

The base of this alleged food consists primarily of "soy protein isolate". The company claims its non-GMO, but then admits that it has undergone no independent verification and labels the soy as "identity preserved". Well Gardein, McDonald's may be complete garbage, but even its chicken is still identifiable as such. That isn't much of a reassurance.

Any vegan would be better off finding alternative sources of protein that don't involve consuming this, as the taste [the lack of] and suspicious quality aren't enough to warrant ever purchasing it again.


This being the first 'mock' chicken I had tried I am very impressed. Although the pieces are small they pack quite a taste, I was nervous to eat them at first but will be eating them again.


Pros: delcious, tastes real

As a new vegetarian I'm pretty critical of mock meats. I was scared to try these plain because I've had some bad experiences with fake chicken.


But these blew my mind. I actually went back to check the package to make sure it wasn't real. I was even able to trick my brother into thinking it was real chicken, which was quite an achievement. My dad loves them too, which is equally impressive (:


If you're looking for mock meat that just about perfectly mimics the real thing, look no further...seriously.


Pros: One of the better mock, crispy, tasty

Cons: Expensive, could make homemade

My son and my friends kids love these so much and even meat eaters I know think these are better than real chicken nuggets. 


I'm not the biggest mock meat fan - the taste bugs me, but these taste pretty great. Not like real meat much - they just have their own good tasting deal going on. Plus, they're very crispy and have a light flavor, not heavy feel, say like morning star chick nuggets, which seem way too much like fast food nuggets to me. 


You can also use these for other meals. I made orange chicken over rice with veggies with this and it was awesome. You can also put it in salads and such. 


Pretty expensive, so we don't get them a bunch, but we like them. Plus, my friend's daughter who just went veg, missed chicken, but says not anymore with these. I think it's a great transition to vegetarian food item. 


Pros: texture, kids love them, satisfies nugget cravings

Cons: breading is flaky, soy taste

These are really tasty nuggets, and the texture is nearly identical to chicken. The taste is very good, but it tastes more like soy than like chicken. This wouldn't be bad except that it's clearly trying to taste like chicken, but it comes as close as I could expect any soy food to. 


The breading is light and flaky, which is nice but I was hoping for more of a traditional chicken nugget breading. 


These tenders are a really good approximation of chicken, and they are also good in their own right. A really tasty treat, and will do the trick if you're craving some nuggets. They are very expensive, though, and they cost more than 50c a nugget. I'd like to feed these to my kids all the time because they loved them so much, but at this price they have to be reserved for a special treat.


Pros: Flavor, texture

Cons: Breading

Flavor and texture is great, but the "breading" stuff can stick easily if you don't watch and flip them on an ongoing basis during baking.  Overall, a great product.

gardein Seven Grain Crispy Tenders

gardein™ crispy tenders ingredients: water, soy protein isolate*,vital wheat gluten*, expeller pressed/canola oil, organic ancient grain flour (kamut ®, amaranth, millet, quinoa), natural flavors (from plant sources), modified vegetable gum, yeast extract, potato starch, sea salt, organic cane sugar, vinegar,pea protein, carrot fiber, organic beetroot fiber, garlic powder, onion powder, extractives of paprika and tumeric. seven grain breading: wheat flour, water, rice flour, oat bran, oats, wheat gluten, salt, sugar, spices, millet flour, amaranth flour, quinoa flour, kamut®, leavening (baking soda, cream of tartar), yeast, onion powder, paprika extract.

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