Why Join VeggieBoards?

VeggieBoards, launched in December 2000, has grown into one the largest and most active forums for vegetarians and vegans on the web. VeggieBoards is the ultimate one-stop resource for all vegetarians, vegans, raw food lovers and aspiring vegetarians, offering support forums, how-to articles, recipes, product reviews and many other helpful resources that can help you maintain your vegetarian or vegan goals for life.

Here are some of the benefits of joining VeggieBoards:

1. Specific vegetarian-friendly information.

VeggieBoards has a wide selection of forum areas so you're sure to find what you need when you need it.

Our forum is organized into helpful support areas for vegetarians, raw foodies and vegans or you can browse yummy recipes, discuss animal rights, nutrition or fitness, get tips about your animal companions or read reviews of veggie-lifestyle products including books, food, gifts and more. We've also got a specific forum section set up by geographical area, so you can chat with vegetarians and vegans in your own hometown.

2. Supportive Community

No one at VeggieBoards will encourage you to eat meat, make fun of your diet choices or ask you nonsense questions like, "How are you getting your protein?" We understand what it's like to be a vegetarian or vegan in a world that widely approves of eating animal products, and we know it can be difficult at times.

Our members know what it's like to be at family gatherings where no one remembers (again) that you're vegan. We get how it feels when your co-workers bash your meat-free lunch. We know what it's like to live in a mixed diet household.

3. Pretty Much The Best Veggie Forum

You can find other veggie forums, but few vegetarian communities on the web are as large as ours is. New and experienced vegetarians alike co-mingle at VeggieBoards, meaning you'll get a wide range of ideas, opinions and advice from all sorts of people.

A bigger community means you're more likely to get the help you need when you need it, even in the middle of the night. A super perk when cheese cravings hit, when you're trying to raise a vegetarian child, when you need to vent about your meat eating co-workers or when you're just not sure what to do with that eggplant and couscous you bought for dinner.

4. Tons of Yummy Recipes!

We've got vegetarian and vegan recipes galore to make your life easier. From salads to veggie burgers to pasta to vegan pizza to sweet treats to smoothies a plenty; we've got so many recipe ideas that you'll never run out or be too far away from a great meal.

We even offer specialized meal and holiday planning resources, such as how to pull off a vegan Thanksgiving, make vegan Easter treats and where to find the best vegan Halloween candy. Beyond basic recipes we also offer pantry stocking tips, food discussions and lots of ideas about how to get all your nutrients on a veggie diet.

What our members are saying:

Capstan (member since 2004):

"I joined VeggieBoards in August, 2004. It has consistently been a haven of support, intelligence, friendship, and fun ever since!"

cornsail (member since 2009):

"VeggieBoards is a place to feel normal in a world full of omnivores and it's a great place to discuss almost any topic under the sun in good company."

Danakscully64 (member since 2005):

"You should join VB because it's a great place to meet like minded people and get the support you need!"

Werewolf Girl (member since 2009):

"VeggieBoards is a fantastic place to get support and advice whether you're new to the veg lifestyle or more experienced. I had already been a vegetarian for years before joining VB and all the stories, support and food ideas I discovered helped me transition to vegan. It's been several more years since then and I'm still learning new things!"

Thank you for taking a look at what VeggieBoards has to offer. I'm looking forward to seeing you around the boards!

Wishing you a great day!

Jennifer C

Community Manager