Vegan Thanksgiving Pie Recipe Round-up

Perfect Vegan Pie Crusts

Many people are overwhelmed by the idea of homemade pie crusts. However, once you make a few, you'll see that it's easier than you thought and in no time at all you'll be a pro at making homemade vegan pie crusts.

Remember, it's easy to add your own little touches to pie crusts. You can make the edges fancy or rustic or save some dough, cut it into shapes and place those shapes atop your finished pie. You can also add toppings, like vegan whipped cream or vegan ice cream or get super fancy by toasting nuts then tossing them on your pie.

For example, you can make an easy toasted nut topping by toasting some pecans, walnuts or hazelnuts on a baking sheet in the oven for about 10 minutes. Once cool, use a food processor to coarsely chop the nuts then toss in some dried cranberries and vegan sugar cookies plus some spices (get creative!) Sprinkle your mixture over the top of your pie for added crunch

See some pie crust recipes and tips below.

Vegan Pie Crust via Flickr User

Vegan Pumpkin Pie & Sweet Potato Pie

Nothing says tradition like vegan pumpkin pie. However, after testing plenty of online pumpkin pie recipes, I've found that some are way better than others. I suggest making a small test batch of vegan pumpkin pie filling before you make a bunch of pies, then you can be sure that on Thanksgiving day, your pumpkin pie will be perfect.

Pumpkin Pie via Flickr User timeless1231

Vegan Pecan Pie

Some people don't consider it Thanksgiving without a pecan pie on the table. If maple soaked pecans in a rich crust equals your dream pie, then see the ideas below.

Vegan Pumpkin Cheesecake w/Pecans via Flickr User tomatoes and friends

Vegan Apple Pie

All American apple pie is an easy starter fruit pie to master - even if you're new to pie-making. Luckily, there are plenty of awesome vegan apple pie recipes out there to get you baking. There are even some amazingly creative vegan apple pies (can you say caramel apple pie!) and some raw apple pie choices too.

Apple & Pear Pie via Flickr User Jessica Merz

Unique Vegan Thanksgiving Pie Choices

Tired of traditional Thanksgiving pies? Why not think outside the box this year and whip up a different sort of pie treat for family and friends...

Blackberry pie via Flickr User Carolyn Williams

Vegan Pie Resources

Vegan pie making can be a little scary at first, but you can totally handle it. If you need help, tips, ideas and more information about vegan pie making check out the great resources below.

Helpful Pie Making Equipment:

Honestly if you have a bowl, a fork and a pair of hands, you can make vegan pie crusts - you can even flatten an entire crust with your hands, no rolling pie required. That said, it does help to have some pie-making equipment on hand. Especially if you make a lot of pies at once, or year-round. Below is some awesome pie-making gear that will make your pie baking events easier and faster.

  • Pastry cutter: This helps distribute your fat (vegan butter or shortening) throughout your flour easily.

  • Flour Sifter: Allows you to create silky smooth flour before you mix, which can result in a flakier pie crust.

  • Rolling pin: While you can flatten pie crusts by hand, which really gives your pie an awesome rustic look, you'll save dough and time by investing in a basic rolling pin.

  • Small silicone baster: Brushing the top of your pie with almond milk, water or another fluid allows for a shiny crust and a silicone brush helps you manage this without tearing your dough.

  • Pie weights: These little "rocks" keep your bottom crust flat in the pie plate when baking a single bottom crust.

  • Silicone mat: This handy mat not only has crust measurements on it, but keeps your crust from sticking as you roll it.

  • Pie crust shield: Often the edges of your pie cook faster than the rest of the pie, equaling burnt crust. This pie shield stops this issue cold.

  • Pie Top Cutter: Create a professional-looking lattice top crust in minutes. Or make a super cute apple and leaf design.

Article by: Jennifer C