Vegan Recipes for Summer Barbecues

If you're hosting a vegan barbecue soon and are at a loss for ideas about what to serve, below is a collection of vegan barbecue dishes sure to be a hit for vegans, vegetarians and even your omni pals.

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Mock meats for grilling

Vegans have tons of mock meat options nowadays that will grill up nicely for a BBQ. Clearly, you don't need a mock meat-minded dish option, but it's helpful if you're grilling with friends and family who are used to meat as a main dish or just because you like mock meats. You can go two ways here. One, buy prepared mock meats and grill them up or two, make homemade mock meat dishes suitable for grilling. Below are some ideas.

Remember, you can even add vegan cheese to the menu for those who want cheese "burgers." Also, if you're going to be slathering BBQ sauce on mock meats, read your labels. Many BBQ sauces contain honey and caramel. Annie's makes a vegan BBQ sauce you can try or go with homemade vegan BBQ sauce. Lastly, don't forget to bring some some vegan buns, pita or bread for your mock burgers.

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Easy vegan food you can grill up in a flash

Lots and lots of vegan foods are extra easy to grill and can be cooked in no time flat. Try these quick grill options.

  • Pineapple rings with or without spices or cinnamon.

  • Good old corn on the cob, soaked in water for 20 minutes first so the husks don't burn. If you've removed the husks, you can brush the corn with vegan butter and sprinkle herbs on.

  • Yummy fingerling or new potatoes. First par-boil them at home until almost cooked through. Then when ready to grill, place the potatoes on skewers and grill away.

  • Portobello mushrooms, brushed with light olive oil.

  • Sweet potatoes, sliced and wrapped in foil. Brush with vegan butter or maple syrup or agave.

  • Green beans grilled in a grill basket.

  • Asparagus - don't forget to soak in water for 30 minutes before you grill.

  • Apples or hard pears. Cut them in half and sprinkle cinnamon, nutmeg and a little sugar on them.

  • Eggplant sliced in thick rounds or lengthwise - just don't peel before grilling.

  • Zucchini or summer squash - other other squashes for that matter. Cut these lengthwise so the don't fall through the grates of your grill. Acorn squash can be cut into rings, brushed with vegan butter and grilled.

  • Colorful bell peppers grill in a flash and are delicious with everything.

  • Peaches, sliced in half and flash grilled. Note: if grilling softer fruits, like peaches, soak them a bit in plain old water before grilling to help them stay juicy when you grill.

  • Tomatoes, sliced and brushed with olive oil. Sprinkle with some fresh herbs if you like.

  • Bananas - grill fast.

  • Grilled melon - only takes a minute or two on a nice hot grill.

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Off the grill side-dishes

Obviously you're not going to grill all your BBQ food. Plan for some delicious non-grilled side dishes, such as...

End with a sweet treat

You need a great BBQ dessert, so try one of the following...

Remember to keep desserts, especially any with chocolate in them, in a cooler.

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Frosty beverages

  • Vegan beer.

  • Root beer and other assorted sodas.

  • Lemonade or berry lemonade.

  • Limeade.

  • Fresh juices.

  • Take plenty of water too for people who don't like sweet drinks.

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Don't forget the condiments for mock burgers and other foods

Lettuce, tomatoes, salsa, grilled pineapple, red onions and other veggies are great mock burger toppings. You'll also need...

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