Vegan Easter Egg Alternatives

Just because your family is vegan, it doesn't mean you can't celebrate Easter with egg-decorating, Easter egg hunts and other egg-minded fun. There are plenty of vegan Easter egg options out there that won't cause harm to animals. Also keep in mind that most of those plastic eggs are made with oil, a non-renewable resource, so when looking for egg alternatives try to go animal-free and plastic-free.

Remember, if you do use vegan Easter egg alternatives, point out to your child why you're doing so. Easter is a good time to teach a young child about why we use alternatives rather than real eggs.

Below are some fun Easter ideas that won't ruin your vegan ethics.


EggNots are a clever vegan egg alternative perfect for families with egg allergies or who simply do not want to harm animals in order to celebrate Easter. Benefits include:

  • Look and feel just like a real egg, but made with ceramic.

  • Inedible so no refrigeration needed, no mess and no smell.

  • Non-perishable and eco-friendly - if handled carefully, ceramic will last forever and you can reuse these eggs annually.

  • 100% safe for those with egg allergies

  • Vegan-friendly – no animal products used in their making.

  • Made in the USA

  • Fun and easy to dye and decorate just like real eggs.

  • Endless possibilities for Easter arts, crafts and gifts.

You can dye EggNots with any commercially available Easter egg dye kit you like or make your own homemade all-natural Easter egg dye.

Eco Eggs

If you're simply looking for something to fill and hide for a vegan Easter egg hunt or slip into a vegan Easter basket, Eco Eggs are a great choice. Eco Eggs are made with plant based materials vs. plastic and have more biodegradable qualities than plastic too.

Felt Easter Eggs

A lot of craft felt is made from animal products. However, Eco-fi felt is made with recycled bottles vs. wool and so if you read labels, you can get felt products that are animal-free. You do need to be careful though because some Eco-fi is blended with wool. Below are some cute eco-felt egg alternatives.

If you want to make Easter felt crafts yourself, you'll need to buy some Eco-fi felt. You can find some online at...

Vegan Felt Easter Egg Craft Ideas

Wooden Easter Eggs

Apples N Amos has, hands down, the best collection of wooden Easter eggs on the planet. Beyond pretty pastels, their eggs come in natural (realistic shades), bright colors and blues. A very pretty and fun alternative to real eggs.

Wooden eggs are also excellent for decorating. Your child can use paint, crayons, glitter, paper, beads and all sorts of cool stuff on wooden eggs. Below are some other wood Easter eggs options.

Paper Easter Eggs

Eggs above by not martha

You can make anything out of paper (almost) including Easter eggs. Some ideas below.

By Jennifer C