Recipes for a Traditional Vegan Thanksgiving Menu

If you want to host a vegan, yet still traditional Thanksgiving event, you can. Minus the turkey, most Thanksgiving dishes are extremely easy to transform to vegan-friendly.


What About the Turkey?

You technically don't need turkey, but it's true some people want it anyhow. Luckily, there are some vegan "Turkey" options, though none that will totally pass for the real deal. That's fine though. It's up to you if you want to serve mock turkey or not. You can sub in one of the "Turkey" ideas below, or just go turkey-free. The nice thing about Thanksgiving is that there are a ton of menu item options left, even if you omit the "Turkey."


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Vegan Starters and Appetizers


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Vegan Mashed Potato Recipes


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Vegan Sweet Potato Recipes


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Vegan Stuffing Recipes


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Vegan Thanksgiving Sides

Remember, most cranberry sauces are naturally vegan, but be sure to check the recipe before making it as some may contain honey. You can also always steam or bake fresh veggies such as beans, corn, butternut squash and more, and simply lightly season them for side dishes, but if you want to go a bit more fancy, try the options below.


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Vegan Thanksgiving Rolls & Bread


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It's All About... Pie!

Other dessert ideas

By: Jennifer C