Plant Protein

Vegan Protein

When I first decided to completely stop eating meat, fish, and dairy, the question that I got and still get most often is, “how do you get your protein?”

In the United States, there has never been a person that has fallen ill due to protein deficiency, but people have fallen ill due to too much protein. It’s called heart disease, and it’s the leading cause for deaths in the USA.

Due to our government we are truly misinformed with all aspects of nutrition. Yes, our government instituted the food pyramid. Michelle Obama has retired it, and has a new food pyramid. I still don’t think it’s the best example of how we should eat, but it’s great that someone sees all the fallacies in the standard American diet.

In America we have this obsession with protein. Little do we know that almost everything we eat contains some form of protein. If we eat a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, and grains we will get more that our recommended need for protein, and without all the cholesterol, bloating, and inflammation.

Check out the chart below. It shows you how vegans get protein. I got this information from If you get a chance please visit their site. They have great articles on everything related to health and wellness.

Sources Protein (g)
Spinach (1 cup)


Kale (1 cup)


Peas (1 cup)


Hemp Powder (30g scoop)


Non-Dairy Milk (Soy, Almond, Rice, or Coconut Milk)


2 tablespoons of Nut Butter (Peanut, Almond, Cashew, etc.)


Quinoa (1 cup)


Tofu (4 ounces)


Lentils (1 cup)


I cup of Beans (black, garbanzo, kidney, or pinto)


Tempeh (1 cup)


Sprouted grain bread ( 1 slice )


So here are but a few protein sources. I get more than my fill every day, and I must tell you that all these sources taste amazing, and knowing that no living animals are harmed gives you instant gratification. I might also add that none of these protein sources carry any cholesterol. Most cholesterol can only be found in meat, fish, or its byproducts.

Do I get enough?

Being and an avid cross fitter, amateur triathlete, runner, and mountain biker I stay pretty active to say the least, and a vegan diet has not only added a boost of energy to my diet, but an increase of lean muscle mass, and dramatic losses in my body fat %. I feel lighter, more agile, and alert now than I have ever in my life. My friends and family have noticed my weight loss, and I attribute it all to my diet, because that has been the only thing that has changed.

Even if you don’t give up meat entirely, I challenge you to try some of these alternatives and see how you feel.

You might just be surprised.

Om Shanti,