Over 100 Vegan Packed Lunch Ideas

It's hard to find vegan lunches on the go unless you pack one yourself. Kids and teens have it even worse because vegetarian food in school cafeterias is super rare, let alone vegan food options. Your best bet for lunch is to pack your own. First, stock up on the best reusable packed lunch gear and then get munching with the vegan lunch ideas below.

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----------Sandwiches & Wraps----------

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----------Beyond Sandwiches - Other Main Dishes----------

  • Leftover homemade pizza.

  • Leftover pancakes or waffles.

-------->Easy vegan pancakes

  • Cold noodles.

  • Cold cereal with a thermos of soy or almond milk.

  • Vegan sushi.

  • Organic brown rice - plain or with some spice, veggies or almonds mixed in. Or another rice dish.

-------->Pineapple Thai Rice

-------->Amazing Spanish Rice

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----------Fresh & Healthy----------

  • Fresh fruit: Organic grapes, sliced apples or pears, a banana or whole strawberries.

  • Cut organic melon, pomegranate seeds, pineapple or frozen organic blueberries or raspberries in super leak-proof containers.

  • Confetti Couscous Salad

  • Raw organic veggies: red bell peppers, carrots, cucumbers, peas in the pod and broccoli.

  • Basic garden salad with sliced citrus to squeeze over it.

-------->Peanut butter and banana smoothie

-------->Indian Mango Lassi

-------->Purple smoothie

  • Cooked slices or cubes of yams or potatoes.

  • Light Chickpea Salad

  • Santa Cruz Organic Fruit Sauces, other organic applesauce or homemade applesauce.

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----------If You Have Access to a Microwave or Thermos----------

-------->Chocolate oatmeal

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-------->Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Dough Hummus

  • Corn chips with a container of salsa or guacamole.

-------->Tropical Salsa

  • Homemade cornbread

  • Homemade bread slice or muffins.

-------->Easy Zucchini Bread

-------->Vegan Banana Bread

-------->Banana Muffins

-------->Avocado Bread

-------->Yummy Berry Muffins

  • Almonds or organic soy nuts.

  • Pumpkin or sunflower seeds.

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----------A Little Sweetness----------

-------->"To-Die-For" Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

-------->Vegan Oatmeal Cookies

-------->Easy Peanut Butter Cookies

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