Meet the VeggieBoards Team!

We have a super amazing team of experienced vegetarian and vegan moderators who help keep VeggieBoards running smoothly plus a talented content team who provides VB with great veggie content. Read on to learn more about each of them!

Our VeggieBoards Moderators:

Werewolf Girl is a super fun mod here at VB and has been a member of VB since 2009! To learn everything you ever wanted to know about Werewolf Girl (and then some) check out what happened when she was our VB Star of the Week.

Capstan aka, Jeff Skinner, in the 1970's, gained experience in radio and television, helping to create educational programs for the Orange County, Florida school system, both as a studio technician and as an actor. Some years later, due to a debilitating illness, he found himself spiraling into homelessness, and lived several years outdoors, among the employment-challenged, observing society from its lowermost rungs. By the late '80's he was working again, learned how to handle 18-wheelers, and spent 20-years in interstate commerce, often carrying fresh vegetables from the fields of Texas, the Carolinas, Maine, and California to the markets of the upper mid-west. It was during his time on the highways that he transitioned into vegetarianism, and then into veganism. In later years, he has operated transport vans for the disabled, shuttling folks to and from medical appointments. He is now retired, and lives in a small town. Jeff has been an active member of VeggieBoards since 2004, and joined its staff, as a moderator, in January, 2013. His interests include music, 3-D modeling, current events, history, architecture, cycling, photography, and the spiritual.

Jeff's favorite thing about VB? "One of the things I love about VB is, it let's me chat with veg*ns from all over the world, and through them, learn about other cultures and customs. Through them, I am learning about tolerance of others. It helps me to feel that I'm part of a truly global community."

Dave Ebaugh (known on the interwebs as Dave in MPLS) adopted a vegetarian diet and began purchasing cruelty free products in 1989. His food choices (initially ovo-lacto but now vegan) opened his eyes to the world of food and he is now an unapologetic foodie. He sees the world of food as truly global, and has special interests in (American) Southern, African, Indian, and Southeast Asian cuisines. When not thinking about cooking he is active in social issues (animal ethics, hunger, food politics, and others) and an amateur food historian. He also enjoys dreaming up wicked cool custom mods for his wheelchair which he never actually gets around to constructing.

Dave's favorite thing about VB? "There are things I know I know and things I know I don't know. Spending time on VB I get to share the things I know, learn things I don't know, and possibly most satisfying I learn things I didn't know I didn't know that I'd even want to know. That gives me a happy."

VB is pretty cool already, but mix in a dash of the X-Files and it gets even better. Luckily we've got danakscully64 here helping us out with that. More than just a friendly mod, danakscully64 has the distinction of being the VB member with the most posts EVER. Yup ever. We're talking 32,983 posts as of July 2013. Wow is right. Learn more about this prolific mod here.


Will Burnside (a.k.a. Aristede) has been a member of VeggieBoards since July 2008 and a moderator since July 2013. Will is a Golden Apple Scholar and holds degrees from National-Louis University. He previously served several years as an elementary educator and mentor teacher in Chicago. Will is an active participant in the music community as an advising member of several fine arts organizations. In his leisure time, Will enjoys playing classical piano music and jazz, studies musicology, and occasionally serves as a recitalist and accompanist.

An enthusiast of the social sciences, Will delights in discussing and debating topics within the realms of sociology, ethics, anthropology, theology, political science, and history. He enjoys cooking delicious ethnic foods that encompass the world’s great cuisines; his favorites are Mediterranean and Asian cuisine in addition to baking. Having taken a transitional journey to vegetarianism over the past several years, he enjoys learning more about compassionate lifestyles and is constantly refining his position on many issues pertaining to vegetarianism and ethics. Will believes that introspection is a key aspect of life and he often ponders the meaning of things.

Will's favorite thing about VB? “VeggieBoards provides a venue where people can exchange ideas and meet at the great table of discourse to discuss important issues in a welcoming and informative environment.”

Jennifer Chait; Jennifer C here at VB, is a VB admin and mod, long-term vegetarian (18+ years) and newer vegan (just about a year). She's a full-time freelance writer and social media manager in the rainy Pacific Northwest. Her writing background includes copy for non-profits, web projects, national magazine articles, business proposals and grants. Beyond VB, she currently works with Inhabitots as a senior editor, runs an Organic Business site and Growing a Green Family along with a handful of other eco-minded websites, plus she’s been featured as an organic food and green industry expert on the radio and at Entrepreneur Magazine. In non-work related news, Jennifer is mom to an amazing 12 year old boy who is as obsessed with Zelda as she is (thankfully). When not writing (rare) she pursues other activities such as hiking, trying to learn how to bake vegan goods, reading and going to concerts. She enjoys chill people and way, way too much coffee plus would be perfectly happy if the sun went away forever -she's a rainy day girl. Follow Jennifer on Twitter @jenniferchait.

Jennifer's favorite thing about VB? Getting to learn new things, getting to hang out with people who aren't saying, "WHY don't you eat meat!" and the fact that VB members helped her go vegan after many failed attempts.

The VeggieBoards Content Team

4everaspirit has been a frequent member of VeggieBoards for 2 years. She hopes to be able to aid new and old members in their veg experience as well as gain new insights of her own. Just beginning her life as an adult, she attends university and is working towards a masters degree in social work. She is active in the vegetarian club there and helps them put on unique outreach events like Pay Per Views, bake sales, movie screenings, and hosting non profit group speakers. Not just a advocate for animal rights, her desire to save earth's precious resources draws her into to purchasing many items she needs or wants at thrift or second hand stores, and as a plus, she notes "the price is right."

4everaspirit's favorite thing about VB? "My favorite thing about veggieboards is that they are my veg family and support system. I or anyone else can come to them with concerns or good news and we all pitch in and support one another for the most part, even through our disagreements."

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Claire Suellentrop is a passionate whole foods enthusiast, organizational whiz, relationship builder and--judging by her resume--Jill of all trades. But really, she's a catalyst for purposeful change. Growing up, Claire thought the "healthier" option was the diet soda, and that processed deli meat + sugar-packed yogurt made a "balanced" meal. After college, she worked in the entertainment industry--it was a life of long hours, heavy reliance on happy hour specials + complimentary hors d'oeuvres, and little time for home-cooked dinners.

She wants to live in a world where people's relationships with food are built on nourishment and honesty -- not on calorie restriction and ingredient list confusion. She wishes her friends could pursue their biggest, most thrilling goals with reckless abandon -- and not sacrifice their health in the process. So she provides lifehacks that help the hardworking, hard-partying crowd take better care of themselves on Eat Well. Party Hard. She's amazing at making the intimidating approachable, at turning "I wish I could" into "I can." She's won awards for her writing and leadership skills, makes a mean smoky vegan chili and is happiest when helping others take greater control of their lives through knowledge and action.

Say hello at, or give her a quick shout on Twitter (she's @UseTheVolume).

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Kwok Yingchen is presently a conscript in the Singapore Armed Forces, where he contemplates the meaning of violence. He is best characterized by an undying faith in humanity. He believes that all humans have the capacity to realize their potential as beautiful, caring individuals, so long as they are given the opportunity to. He is amazed by the recent successes of the LBGT, and sees animal rights as the next great liberation movement. Besides being on the Veggieboards Content Team, in his free time he volunteers at the Vegetarian Society of Singapore, writes fan fiction about women's rights issues, discusses the literary merits of anime and manga, and is learning to cook healthy, oil-free food for his family.

Yingchen's favorite thing about VB? “Having participated in many forums before, I am amazed by how intelligent the VeggieBoards community is. All of us are outstanding in our own ways, and are able to bring a huge diversity of knowledge and expertise into the common veg experience. We love to share and support and inform and debate. From a scale of YouTube's comments section to VeggieBoards, how meaningful are your online conversations?”

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Kathy Chamberlain is a long-time student and vegetarian. Having recently made the transition to vegan, she spends countless hours bookmarking recipes and ordering kitchen appliances. Her remaining time is spent alarming waitresses with requests for cheeseless pizza and attempting to compose literary masterpieces. There's also a special place in her heart for superhero movies.

She feels incredibly lucky to have grown up with parents who have supported every decision she's made, including committing all of her adult years thus far to expensive arts degrees. Kathy values those who try to understand and encourage her and wants to do the same for others here on VeggieBoards. She relishes the chance to combine her passions for writing and and all things veggie in articles.

Kathy's favorite thing about VB? "I've learnt so much from members of VB. They come up with the most creative recipes and inspire me to take more time out of my day to support fellow vegetarians and vegans."

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Larissa Galenes is a vegetarian and full-time blogger, podcaster and entrepreneur, and (at present) a spare-time artist. She is co-founder of Vegetarian Zen, a website and podcast dedicated to offering a non-judgmental, educational and entertaining space for vegetarians, vegans and the veg-curious to find general information on vegetarianism/veganism, healthy vegetarian recipes, exercise motivation and tips for living a healthy lifestyle.

In the years before surrendering to the call of entrepreneurial pursuits, Larissa served as volunteer coordinator for a wildlife center, design purchasing coordinator for a construction company, private researcher and personal assistant, and archaeologist. She received her BA in Anthropology in 2003, and has completed half of the credits required to receive a MA in History. In addition to Vegetarian Zen, she also owns a small business for her artwork. Her passion is for turning old into new, or trash into treasure. She is fond of rescuing paper and other textiles from the recycling bin or saving them from a slow, sad death at the city dump. She upcycles them into beads to be used in her unique jewelry designs.

When she’s not recording a podcast, trying new recipes or experimenting with homemade cleaners and beauty products, Larissa enjoys attending local vegetarian group meetings, visiting with friends online and in person, and checking out what’s new on VeggieBoards.

Larissa lives in San Antonio, Texas with her girlfriend of 11 years, their three stupendously rotten cats: Jake Ryan, Samantha Baker and Idgie Threadgoode; and one sweet, old, spoiled pup named Molly Brown. Please feel free to contact Larissa at

Larissa's favorite thing about VB? "The articles are informative, the reviews are helpful and the recipes are fantastic…but I think I’m in love with THE POSITIVE THREAD! The world needs more people rejoicing in the happiness of others, and this thread is a great way to do just that.”

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