Interview With a 98-Year Old Vegan Video

This interview with 98-year old Dr. Ellsworth Wareham is truly inspiring. He was a practicing surgeon at age ninety-five. Now, at almost 100-years old, he still gets out and mows his own lawn. How does he do it? By living vegan.

Having passed that magical 60-year old landmark myself and, admittedly, begun to feel some of the slow-down of my "golden years." I personally find this video an encouragement. I know many people don't discover the vegan way until later in life. So take heart from this 98-year old vegan.

I live in a small town that, to an extent, is a retirement community. This isn't so much by design, as by evolution. There isn't a lot of industry here. It's just a place for people to live. I'm surrounded by folks in their 80's and 90's. But unfortunately, most of them are non-vegan, and it shows. Their bodies are failing them. God love them, they hobble about on walkers or in wheelchairs, and express confusion over why they are losing control of their capacities. A few miles away, is a health care center, filled to capacity with the elderly, who cannot perform the most everyday tasks needed to live independently. It's well-established vegans, as a group, live longer lives than meat-eaters, but I think it has more to do than with just longevity. It's about more than just living longer. It's also about living better.

Listening to Dr. Wareham- the clarity of his comments, the lucidity of his mind- is proof to me that old-age need not be defined in terms of illness or invalidity. At nearly 100-years old, he remains active and involved. Hats off to you, Dr. Wareham, and a long and better life to everyone.

Article By: Jeff Skinner

Jeff Skinner has experience in radio, television and education. After many years as a truck driver in interstate commerce, he is now retired, and lives in a small town in the upper mid-west. He has been veg*n (vegetarian and vegan) since 1992. Jeff joined VeggieBoards in 2004, and became one of its moderators in January, 2013.