How to Post Delicious Vegetarian & Vegan Recipes

The question of where and how to post recipes here at VeggieBoards comes up frequently, so here's a quick primer.

Vegan Strawberry Tofu Ice Pops

Why share recipes?

  1. Many people come to VeggieBoards looking for new recipes - it's a top resource new vegetarians and vegans look for.

  2. Great recipes draw people to VB, which is a perk because that in turn, exposes them to the rest of the VB site and all the benefits of being a vegetarian or vegan.

  3. Who doesn't like new recipe ideas?

Homemade Vegan Mock Chicken Pot Pie

Where should I post my recipe?

You've got some different options when it comes to posting recipes.

  1. You can post recipes in the recipe area of the forum. Try to choose the proper sub-category.

  2. You can post recipes in the article area, either under vegetarian recipes or vegan recipes.

You can double post recipes too. For example, if you'd like more members to see your recipe, first post the recipe in one of the areas above. Then you can also share your recipe in a foodie type area of VB for example, in the Food Porn thread or the What's the last thing you ate thread. When you do post a recipe in a non-recipe food thread, be sure to link back to the recipe.

How do I format recipes?

Write a good title: When posting a recipe, try to write a descriptive title. "Vegan Banana Pancake Recipe" is a better title than "Super yum pancakes" because more people are looking for "Vegan pancake recipes" than "yum pancakes." Another example: "Ultimate burgers" is not the best title at a veggie site. "Black bean veggie burgers" is a better, more descriptive title.

Tell people who can eat it: Be sure to note if the recipe is vegan, vegetarian, raw vegan and so on. Make it easy for people to decide if they want to make the recipe. Place a quick blurb at the top of your recipe that says, "Suitable for vegans" or "Great for non-dairy vegetarians," and so on.

Divide it up and use bullets: Use bold headers that say "Ingredients" and "Instructions" with bullets or numbered lists under each. This makes it easy for people to follow your recipe.

To give you some ideas, here are a few well-formatted recipes here at VB:

Should I add a recipe image?

Decorated vegan pumpkin cupcakes

If possible, always add an image to your recipe. A recipe photo is not required but there are some major benefits to adding images to your recipes, such as:

  • A photo shows people how the finished recipe should look.

  • People are more likely to try a new recipe if they can see what it will look like.

  • Images help people new to decorating baked goods learn how to decorate. For example, it's hard to decorate cupcakes and cookies if you're new to the process. An image can really help someone decide how to decorate treats.

  • Photos draw people in and make them realize how tasty and wonderful vegan and vegetarian food can be.

Coloring and rolling out cookie dough

  • Photos can help people learn how to cook. For example, in my vegan pop tart recipe, I posted various images of the steps involved so that people can easily see what to do next. As another example, (shown above) I posted a recipe for Earth Day cookies, but they're a little complicated, because you have to color the dough correctly and assemble the cookies in a specific way. Thus, I posted pictures of how to color the dough and what the rolled out cookies should look like before baking. Sometimes pictures are more useful than text, especially on a complicated recipe.

Best of all, recipe images mean more exposure for your recipe. If you post an image of your recipe, it can be added to VeggieBoards' Pinterest page, highlighted as a feature on VB, used on VBs Facebook page and Google images will often pick up your recipe as well.

Homemade Vegan Pizza

Here are some rules about adding photos to your recipe

  • Always use an image you have personally taken. If you take an image off Google and post it as your own, the original owner can ask you to remove it and in worse case scenarios, sue you for copyright infringement.

  • If you'd like to use an image you find online, you MUST get permission from whoever took the photo and credit the photo like this: Photo courtesy [copyright holder].

  • Always post the best images you can. Some of us are born photographers and some of us aren't (ahem, self included). However, anyone can take a decent photo if they work at it. It's better to post no image than a terrible, ugly, unappetizing image because it gives vegan and vegetarian food a bad name. You want people to see attractive vegan food. Get some tips for taking great food photos.

  • Take credit! At the bottom of your recipe post that you took the picture/s. You can post this: Photo © [your name] or this: Photo courtesy [your name] or even link to your Flickr page.

Vegan Pink Lemonade Ice Pops

What if I didn't create a recipe?

You can post a recipe you did not personally create. For example, if you see a yummy recipe in a cookbook or on a vegan blog, and you make it, it's fine to share that recipe with other VB members.

However, be sure to credit whoever did create the recipe. At the bottom of your post note something like, "Recipe adapted from Vegan Cookbook such and such" or "I found this recipe on X's blog." If you did find the recipe elsewhere online, it's also nice to link to it.

Remember, while posting someone's recipe, with credit is fine, you should still take your own photo. Don't just post their image.

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