Homemade Vegan Popsicles

Popsicles are a summer staple and it's easy to find a slew of popsicles at the store. However, many store-bought pops aren't vegan. For example, many store bought pops contain conventional sugar, honey, dairy, gelatin and other non-vegan stuff, so it's better to make your own vegan popsicles at home.

Homemade vegan creamy fruit pops image ©Jennifer Chait

Homemade vegan popsicle perks

  • Great to munch when it's too hot to eat proper food.

  • Perfect way to get nutrients into kiddos (and adults).

  • Delicious and the flavor options are seriously endless.

  • Easy and inexpensive.

  • Most are low-calorie so popsicles are a great healthy treat or dessert.

  • Homemade pops create far less waste than store-bought.

  • You know what's in them - no fake colors, fake flavors or questionable ingredients.

  • You can be sure they're vegan.

Homemade vegan watermelon popsicle image ©Jennifer Chait

Alternative ingredients for vegan popsicles

Where to find vegan popsicle recipes There's a slew of popsicle recipes online and in various books, but many aren't dedicated vegan. Luckily, if you find an appealing recipe, you can switch it up easily to make it vegan. Below are some basic alternative ingredients for vegan popsicles:

  • Instead of dairy milk use organic soy, almond, hemp or any other alternative milk you like.

  • Instead of ice cream made with dairy, use soy ice cream or almond milk ice cream.

  • Instead of dairy yogurt use soy or another alternative yogurt.

  • Instead of conventional gelatin look for an organic, vegan version at a natural food store.

  • Instead of plain old sugar, use organic sugar which is not refined with bone char (animal bone ash).

  • Instead of honey use organic sugar or agave or even maple syrup.

  • Instead of milk chocolate use dark chocolate chunks or cocoa powder.

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What about popsicle molds?

Look for BPA-free, long-lasting popsicle molds. There's a ton on the market, but some of the best BPA-free, long-lasting popsicle molds include the following:

Other vegan popsicle making supplies

Beyond molds it helps to have a decent blender, some good measuring cups, a grain or nut grinder or chopper (or a knife), a strainer and a basic hand-held juicer (for citrus juice) if you're going to be making a lot of vegan popsicles.