Holiday Gift Guide for Vegan Foodies

*This article is part of the VeggieBoards cruelty-free gift guide series.

When it comes to vegan gift-giving, foodies have to be just about the easiest folks to buy gifts for, thanks to a slew of cool vegan food products in recent years. There's vegan food of course, which always makes a great gift. But there's also lots of awesome cooking and baking tools, glorious image-filled vegan food books and even gear to help foodies grow their own yummy vegan food.

Below are just some of the options you have when it comes to gifting a vegan foodie.


Awesome & Special Vegan Food Items

When giving gifts of vegan food, try to choose a gift that you know the receiver wouldn't spend money on themselves, but might really enjoy.

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Gifts for Green Thumb Foodies

Lovely Vegan Cookbooks - Books Heavy on Vegan Images

Bling Foodie Gifts

Little Kitchen Gifts & Fun Foodie Items

Article by: Jennifer C