Cruelty-free Homemade Holiday Gift Guide

*This article is part of the VeggieBoards cruelty-free gift guide series.

Many homemade holiday gifts rock. Not only are homemade holiday gifts personal, thoughtful and even fun to make, but they can also save you money.

Now, with the above in mind, I'd for sure be lying if I said, "ALL homemade gifts are awesome!" Some homemade gifts are well, lacking. While it is the thought that counts, very few people need a homemade soup can pencil holder (unless you happen to be a three-year-old giving the gift). There are some significant downsides to giving a bad homemade gift, such as...

  • People won’t use your gift, so you've just wasted resources, money and time.

  • Bad homemade gifts give all homemade gifts a bad name.

  • Poorly thought out homemade gifts don't inspire anyone to make their own gifts - and wouldn't it be nice if more people did?

You can make homemade gifts that everyone will love and that are cruelty-free to boot. First read 10 tips for making the best homemade holiday gifts then check out the cruelty-free homemade gift collection below.


Homemade Vegan Food Gifts (and beverages too)

3 Bean Chili Mix in a beautiful jar

Homemade Holiday Gifts that Basically Scream, "I ADORE YOU!"

52 Reasons I LOVE YOU cards

Homemade Gifts for Kiddos

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Handmade happy stacker for baby fun

Homemade Vegan Body Care Gifts

Lemon Cream Body Butter

Super Cool Everyday Reusable Gifts

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lovely DIY dry erase board idea

Fun Random Homemade Gifts

Hyper cute sugar bowl candles (soy wax)

Helpful Resources for Making Homemade Holiday Gifts:

Article by: Jennifer C