Cruelty-free Holiday Gift Guide

What are cruelty-free holiday gifts?

Cruelty-free can mean many things. Clearly, you want to give vegan holiday gifts when possible, but also consider the impact a gift has on the planet and human rights. If you're buying vegan gifts made by third world forced child labor, is that gift really cruelty-free for everyone?

Various types of cruelty-free holiday gifts...

  • Go vegan when possible: This is true of food gifts especially, but also body care gifts, art supplies and many homemade gifts.

  • Go Fair Trade or local: Fair Trade gifts mean your gifts were not made by children and that the people making your gift were paid a fair wage to do so. Another way to buy human-friendly and human-cruelty-free gifts is to go local. Buy gifts made where you live in order to avoid shadier workplace practices. Local gifts are also great for your personal local economy and are often more personal to boot.

  • Go green: Green gifts may use recycled and/or local materials when possible, feature recycled packaging, organic ingredients or materials, sustainably sourced materials like FSC certified wood or renewable rubberwood or come from a paper-free company. An eco-friendly gift can also be a gift that's reusable, needed and recyclable at the end of it's life vs. a frivolous gift someone will never use and simply toss in a landfill.

Everlasting Love Wreath at Organic Bouquet

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Where can I find eco-gifts online?

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Article by Jennifer C