Chop Chop! 3 ways to stretch summer's flavors into fall & winter

Are the nights getting a bit chillier where you are? Do you find yourself craving a steamy cuppa in the mornings, rather than trying to beat the heat with an iced latte? Are you bombarded by "Back to School!!" banners and sales every time you make a trip to the grocery store?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then it's time to face facts: summer's beginning to slip away. And as sad as it is to say goodbye to the season of abundant produce and lazy weekends spent poolside, beachside or lakeside, all is not yet lost.

These three little tricks will help you save the last of your farmers' market finds for cool weather indulgences. Hurry--there's no better time to give 'em a try!

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3 ways to stretch summer's flavors into fall & winter

1. Homemade sauerkraut

You're just one cabbage and a sprinkle of salt away from a flavorful, good-for-you topping that'll last months in the fridge.

2. Fruit & chia jam

Intimidated by the cooking and cooling processes involved with traditional jams? Then chia seeds are your new best friend. Simply blend and refrigerate for about two weeks' worth of jam. That's it!

3. DIY frozen produce

Freezing your own fruits and veggies can get a bit tricky--which ones get mushy over time? What's the best way to prevent freezer burn? This article from Design Mom answers these and a ton of other questions, covering which foods are best frozen whole, which last longest sliced, which need to be blanched and more. Aaaaamazing.

What about you? Any end-of-summer tricks you wanna share?


Claire Suellentrop provides lifehacks that help busy people make healthier food choices on Eat Well. Party Hard. She's won awards for her writing and leadership skills, has mastered the art of living from a suitcase and fuels her weird life with a plant-based diet, black coffee and whiskey. She'd love to hear from you at