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#1 Old 07-04-2013, 07:36 AM
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I just googled "why eggs are bad for you" and what did it come up with but "why eggs are good for you" - huh?


anyway, i don't eat eggs and don't want to.  i know about the horrors of how chickens are kept and treated, and i know eggs aren't good for you because of cholesterol, but are eggs bad for you for other (health) reasons? what about people who eat just the egg whites.  do we then basically "just" have the treatment of the chickens argument?  (which of course should be argument enough!) 

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wrong keywords


"eggs health" is more appropriate, especially if you want to avoid blogs and Q&A websites.


wikipedia itself, despite what everybody including me thinks of it, has at least the advantage of having links to sources ( not that it means neutrality or truth, but it's always something )


type 2 diabete,


heart disease,






Different studies, different results :-)

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thanks! i'll check that out!

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Eggs are a complete source of amino-acids for humans and are one of the best sources of choline, but they can increase the risk for coronary heart diseases:


For health reasons a few can be okay, but I wouldn't have them as a staple because the more you eat the more likely you'll become unhealthy.

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check out this site. Loads of good, very short and to-the-point, informative videos:

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Cholesterol/ saturated fat
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thanks guys!

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