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This is a funny and helpful article on how to deal with "those people" when they find out you're vegan.

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Thank you for posting! I really don't have too much of a problem. Sometimes Adults can be a little persnipetty but somtimes it's younger people too. Some people just regard me with a "that's nice, good for you and your health!" what about the animals O_O?

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That's a great article for people who may feel a little uneasy about confronting the critique, and gives guidance about exactly what can be said, which can be tricky for people who are not naturally good at arguing or debating.

Another good idea is to read, watch, read and watch some more. There are great video's on youtube by physicians and researchers. And also if you don't mind getting headaches then scientific journals are a A+ source of defence against the Uninformed Eaters!
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