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#1 Old 02-28-2012, 06:32 PM
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Hi hi !
So I'll bet this has been covered..but as I sit here struggling with predictable nausea, swimming head and an inability to focus exactly 7 days prior to period being due.. I've gotta ask... should the symptoms of PMS really be SEVEN days? Do you mainly have them a few days beforehand? And is there anything that works better than ginger for the waves of nausea that have come with it for the last few months?
I hate feeling like I'm stumbling through one week out of four and have countless presentations today that I'm suddenly dreading.
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I'd advise drinking a lot more water before. You are going to want to replenish the blood you lost, and drinking a lot of water will help, as will things like juices. Soft drinks (Coke, Pepsi, etc) have caffeine, and caffeine will dehydrate you, as will chocolate. I find that Pamprin helps when I've been cramping up, too.

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I don't really suffer from PMS, or not much/often anyway, so I don't really know. However maybe you should go see your doctor? I had friends with bad PMS and cramps and their doctors perscribed the pill to reduce the symptoms - your doctor may be able to help you. Spending 1 week a month with the descriptions you gave sounds really horrible
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I'd suggest seeing a doctor as well. It might be PMS but it also might be some other underlying issue. Getting some blood work would probably be helpful too.
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I'm wondering how old you are...? PMS often gets worse after 40 or so. Sorry!

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