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Thought I'd do a very brief review of some of the Aussie Icecreams - and so far theres not one I've tried that I haven't liked. Seem to be a lot more popping up than I can keep track of. Can find a few brands in nearly every big grocery shop but there are a few variety nearly impossible to track down. Overall..thumbs up


freezes much harder than other soy brands which melt easy.

favourite: mango swirl

creamy vanilla - havent had it in a long time! but is a good icecream and goes well with toppings.

chocolate supreme - good chocolate flavour. all omnis whove tried it have loved it as much as dairy icecream.

mango swirl - same as creamy vanilla but lower in fat, with ribbons of mango through it.


contains honey, so not suitable for those who avoid it.

favourite: vanilla

vanilla - good vanilla flavour, nice texture. is the most like dairy icecream and is my favourite yet!


seems to be the more healthier brand overall.

favourite: vanilla and chocolate.

vanilla - very white, strong vanilla flavour. probably best icecream to use if adding toppings.

dutch chocolate - exactly the same as whats written for so good, dont recognise any flavour difference between the two, however it is lower in fat and freezes softer.

vanilla caramel swirl - more caramel than vanilla. reminds me of the winnie the pooh honey icecreams from when i wasn't vegan. sweet, but a little too sweet after a while. mum (omni) loves it. nice to have a chance to have caramel since becoming vegan but not quite the same as caramello koala guts


So Good - Simply Strawberry, Butterscotch Swirl, Boysenberry Swirl

Streets - Vanilla and Chocolate Swirl

Fruccio - Banana and Vanilla, Chocolate Honeycomb, Peach and Banana
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I don't really like the soy ice creams there all that much, though at least they have a bit of a range and they are not that expensive, unlike New Zealand! I'm so jealous of all the types they have in the US, I use to love cookies and cream and mint choc chip, I so wish there was a soy version!!

From So Good, I've had Chocolate, Vanilla and Boysenberry, didn't really like them, the only one I found ok was Vanilla and only if it was eaten with something.

I've had the Fruccio Chocolate, Vanilla and Peach and Banana ones and liked them much more than So Good, especially the Peach and Banana,mmmmm!
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Yeh...I've had a look at the American ones and I'm hella jealous too. Especially of the choc peanut butter one....mmmm

And Cookie Dough....I think I saw that...
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